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After the financial and economic crisis of the past years, banks in Germany have consolidated and realigned their business models. Many regulatory requirements have already been implemented. The topic will continue to keep the institutes busy. At the same time, the industry is facing a tremendous transformation in view of the digital developments.

Digitize the banking business and win back customer trust: these are the most important goals of this change process. Other aspects create additional pressure, in particular the private customer business. Non-industry players such as Apple and Google, specialized providers like PayPal, but also FinTech companies manage to convince with uncomplicated products and usually completely digitized processes. They also score with new services tailored to demanding and well-informed customers.


Generate sustainable growth

syracom has been accompanying banks for more than a decade in the implementation of strategic ventures. We uncover optimization potentials and support you in designing and implementing new products and services. At the same time we help you integrate and transform the associated system and process landscapes.

Banking know-how and many years of expertise in the automation of business processes make us the ideal partner for the digitization of your business model. Out consultants focus on consistent customer-orientation. We develop solutions which ensure sustainable growth for your business and at the same time strengthen your organizational agility. This way we create flexible and efficient solutions for you in a dynamic market environment.

The unique production process we realized together with the "Retail Workbench" shows once more the high level of professionalism and the ability of syracom consultants to see the big picture.

Peter Schirmbeck

CEO of DZ Privatbank


In the industry comparison, banks and financial services providers hold low rankings in terms of innovation intensity. What makes companies like Apple or Google different from banks? How can banks and financial services providers learn from these companies? Why are banks having such a hard time implementing innovation?

From the customer and investor perspective they mainly shine because they are always a step ahead of the competition due to continuous innovation. An important key to the success of these innovation champions is a real culture of innovation. It must be integrated but at the same time also be designed so open that necessary and important impulses from the outside can always flow into the innovation process. At this point, the innovation management of a company plays a decisive role.

A highly developed innovation management with clearly defined innovation processes, an associated embodied culture of innovation, and the achievement of desired innovation with low failure rates represents the ideal state of business innovation excellence.

We will help you to lay the necessary groundwork for an integrated culture of innovation. Tool-supported innovation processes will help you integrate internal and external experts into your innovation process and at the same time maintain the necessary transparency for ideas and ventures.

Read our studies on innovative technologies and business models.



Digital Innovation Pressure

Digital banking is everywhere. New digital technologies are permanently impacting the banking sector and changing entire companies. Analog offerings are replaced by digital ones; classic bank branches have to make way to online and mobile banking. With the progress of digitization, banks are faced with a fundamental paradigm shift. more information




Our retail banking consulting team supports you in rigorously optimizing your private customer business. We help you optimize your customer management, implement regulatory tasks in an efficient manner, and reduce complexity by standardizing processes.

Set yourself apart from the competition by becoming rigorously customer-oriented, fulfilling high service demands, and profitably moving into new fields such as mobile banking. Starting from strategic questions, we guide you in sales and marketing enterprises, sales, and the implementation and design of architectures in retail banking.

The result is that you can set the tone in the market, win customer trust, bind customers long-term, clearly increase customer satisfaction, and take advantage of opportunities in new growth areas.


We create innovative solutions in the field of investment banking that make it possible for you to react to market changes or new market requirements swiftly.

They range from analyzing your business processes along the value-added chain to optimizing business process architectures to providing optimal IT support, leading to flexible and successful business architectures. This enables you to meet any future developments in the investment banking field head-on.

Take advantage of our technical expertise and professional project management acquired in a numerous project.


Our asset management consulting team supports you in implementing strategic projects along the entire value-added chain. We feel that the process-related connections between investment companies, custodian banks, fund sales, etc. are elementary prerequisites for integrated consulting.

We welcome the challenge of implementing your varied regulatory requirements, reducing media discontinuity, automating communication processes, and optimizing the interaction between capital investment companies, custodian banks, and other partners. Another significant focus lies on reducing operative risks, in particular in data management, and thus reducing the occurrence of damage cases while at the same time lowering data supply costs.

Take advantage of our technical expertise and professional project management acquired in a numerous project.



Banks and credit unions used to view private banking as the traditional guarantor of safe and stable income. However, pressures created by greater competition and narrower margins is now forcing banks to search for new growth strategies even in this sector.

In our capacity as private banking specialist we and our partner Consileon consult with you on strategic questions, work with you to develop marketing and sales solutions, and help you optimize your processes.

Some of the special challenges in private banking currently looming over credit institutions: a coming wave of inheritances, customers' wishes for new pricing models, tougher legal regulations, and finding new customers. We will help you develop strategies for both organic and inorganic growth, identify synergy potential between business units, and generate a target customer matrix. Of course, we will also support you in the implementation of all necessary changes to processes and systems necessitated by changed legal and economic requirements.

Take advantage of our technical expertise and professional project management we have developed in a myriad of projects.



Our securities transactions consulting team helps you face the challenge of representing the entire life cycle of a securities transaction in a transparent, flexible, and cost-effective manner. Our know-how covers all subjects in the process chain: Starting at order receiving and order routing all the way to implementation and reporting.

We support you in achieving a high "straight-through-processing-rate" using a high degree of automation. The spectrum covers automation throughout the order implementation process, i.e. "front-to-back-automation" including the outsourcing of business processes or the entire securities transaction.

Business process integration and connecting processes using innovative information and communications technology to create new business models are the key to your success. Use our technical expertise and professional project management acquired in a numerous project.



The willingness of customers to pay their bank for basic services continues to decline. At the same time, financial institutions no longer just face increasing competition with each other and other payment services providers in the area of payments. Trade chains, oil companies, and big-name internet service providers are also offering customers new (innovative) payment methods in combination with additional services. This development exposes banks to a great risk of losing further payments customers.

Add to that new payment procedures such as instant payments, the development of the Euro system, and regulatory requirements such as PSD II or Basel III which will force financial institutions to make tremendous added investments into payments over the coming years. more information



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MiFID II, PRIIP, EMIR, Dodd Frank Act: there are many regulatory challenges which banks, insurances, and asset managers face. This does not only involve implementing individual regulations but also monitoring the interaction of different planned regulations with existing processes. Since legislators and regulators often announce regulations only shortly before they take effect, it is essential that the projects are not only implemented efficiently but also quickly. more information


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