Project Management

Project success stands and falls
with the quality of project management

Complex projects always create challenges for its participants. According to studies, only half of all IT projects can be considered successes. Failures are mostly not due to technical difficulties but inadequate planning, management, or coordination.

In order to deliver your customers or users reliable and sustainable added value you should therefore invest into professional project management. Place your trust in our professional consulting and individual solutions – we will be with you until you achieve success!

How can syracom help you?

Our consulting is aligned with your actual needs. This means that we do not deliver one-size-fits-all project management but qualified, targeted support.

  • PM Excellence
  • PM Consulting
  • PM Deployment
  • PM Training
  • Team Coaching

Get your project organization in shape: Would you like to speed up your projects? Do you desire higher throughput with the same resources? Do you want more security in achieving your project goals? Do you need to keep better oversight of projects, deadlines, costs, and resources? more on this less

syracom will develop and implement your success strategy together with you.

Our services

  1. Definition: We discuss your starting situation and desired improvements. Taking into account your special framework conditions, together we will define goals and find suitable procedures.
  2. Assessment: We record and document relevant details concerning the organization and implementation of your projects. For this we usually conduct structured interviews and moderated workshops with the relevant contact persons.
  3. Conception: Together with you, we analyze the results of the assessment and from this develop specific action recommendations and an implementation plan. As a basis for the decision-making process, we explain the optimization potentials and arising costs.
  4. Implementation: During the implementation of the chosen measures we pay particular attention that the planned changes are introduced sensitively and that the affected employees are integrated appropriately.

Your benefits

  • Your customers profit from on-time and reliable project implementation.
  • Your controller praises you for higher throughput with the same resources.
  • Efficient project processes promote the motivation and productivity of your employees.
  • You always have proper oversight.

For a successful Project: Are you beginning an unusually difficult project? Is your project reaching a critical stage? Are there maybe problems with your project? Or are you already facing a red light? syracom supports your project success through competent project management consulting. more on this less

Our services
We are completely focused on the success of your project. Together with you we reflect on the starting situation, your goals, or possible difficulties in your project. If need be, we can also perform an in-depth assessment. A qualified, experienced syracom consultant performs the selected measures or supports you in doing so. For instance, he supports you in the following tasks:

  • project setup, project conclusion
  • assessment and selection of suitable methods
  • team building measures
  • project-review, diagnostics

Your benefits

  • You improve the quality of your project management.
  • You build a high-performance team.
  • You get your project back on track.

Operative project management for your Projects: Are you starting an important project? Do you have no suitable project manager available? Do you need reinforcement for your project management office? syracom support you actively in overcoming these project management tasks. more on this less

Our services
Upon request, Syracom consultants will fill a needed project management role as colleague "in your ranks". This might be, for instance, a project manager or a member of the project management office. We are used to understanding new company cultures quickly and creating suitable networks within your organization.

Whether you implement your projects according to a stage/gate process, an agile approach, or with a critical chain: we have the fitting consultant with corresponding know-how and project experience. He will see your projects through with proven methods and tools in you environment. The way you want it.

Suitable documentation ensures that the responsibility can be given to one of your employees at any time.

Your benefits

  • You are able to implement more projects reliably in the short term.
  • We bring practical experience and fresh perspectives to the table.
  • You know you project is in good Hands.

Develop the competence of your employees: Do you want to increase your project management expertise? Would you like to have more security in the project implementation? Is there a PM certification on your program? Would you like to make use of many years of experience for your project practice? syracom fosters your project management expertise with professional methods. more on this less

Our services
We support your learning process through practice-oriented training, for instance by:

  • project management seminars (basic, advanced, special topics)
  • learning through experience (project simulations)
  • targeted test preparation for PMI or GPM/IPMA
  • personal coaching

We focus on your specific training needs. We adapt individual measures specifically to your framework conditions. All Syracom trainers are certified project managers and convey their knowledge based on their own project experience.

Your benefits

  • You expand your knowledge of project management methods.
  • You become more sure handed during the project implementation.
  • Your training meets your individual needs.
  • You improve the quality of your project Management.

Do you have a project team which ... realistically speaking rarely meets its targets? ... creates too few results in meetings? ... does not solve problems but postpones them? ... is biased, frustrated, peculiar? We promote a new attitude among the participants and make it possible to create a chain of positive change. more on this less

Our core competence

  1. Preparation: we clarify the responsibilities and challenges of the team from the start.
  2. Initialization: We raise the awareness of all participants for the facets of team work in a presentation. We discuss individual questions in individual meetings.
  3. Agreement: Together, we discuss insights and develop target outlines, fields of action, and suitable exercises (topic -> method -> experience -> attitude).
  4. Change: In the exercises we reflect behaviors that are an impediment in a respectful manner. Together, we practice alternatives, which allows for positive experiences. During the project we continuously adapt procedures to new situations.
  5. Finalization: At the end we jointly determine the success and discuss the success factors in order to make continued development possible.

We support you in key situations such as Initialization, kick-offs, planning, inspections, reflections, or accompany you during critical project phases

Your benefit

  • The participants work in an appreciative, open, and cooperative manner.
  • The potential of individuals and synergies are utilized better.
  • The team achieves its potential faster and acts more efficiently.
  • New challenges and insecurities were mastered with increasing ease.

Your head start with syracom:
Our consultants get your projects moving safely!


Our consultants are well equipped for the multi-layered tasks in project management. This includes

  • Comprehensive classical methodsModern,
  • agile methods (such as Scrum, Kanban)
  • Personality, communication and teamwork
  • Workshops, training and coaching


Relevant certificates attest to the know-how of our consultants:

  • IPMA Level B, C, D
  • PMP
  • Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, Professional
  • ITIL Foundation V2, V3
  • Insights Discovery
  • Team Coach (SHB)


Our consultants have practical project experience in large and medium-sized companies in various industries. They have successfully applied their knowledge themselves, continuously developed it and advised customers on project management issues.


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