The success of a project hinges on project management

Complex projects pose demanding challenges for participants. Studies show that only half of all IT projects are considered successful. The root causes are often not technical difficulties but rather issues with planning, control, collaboration, and communication. Invest in professional project management to consistently deliver value to your customers and users. Rely on expert advice and tailor-made solutions.


Targeted consulting as needed, and not one-size-fits-all project management.

PM Excellence: Fitness for Your Project Organization

Enhance the performance of your projects with us, for instance, by introducing suitable methods and tools.

Project Management Consulting: For the Success of Your Project

Overcome the challenges of your project with us, for instance, through an effective project kick-off.

PM Deployment: Operational Project Management for Your Project

Increase your project success with the assistance of experienced syracom consultants on your team."

Project Management Training: For the Competence of Your Employees

Develop the expertise and competence of your employees with us, for instance, through qualified training or personal coaching.

Team Coaching: For Productive Collaboration.

Develop a positive team culture with us as the foundation for motivated and efficient project work.

Our specific service components.

PM excellence

Would you like to achieve your project goals faster and more securely? Do you wish for higher efficiency or flexibility in your project teams? Do you want to use classical and modern methods effectively? Do you need a better overview of projects, deadlines, costs, and resources? syracom develops and implements your success strategy with you.

Our Service Offer

  1. Definition: We discuss your current situation and wishes for improvement wishes. Taking your specific conditions into account, we agree on the desired goal and the appropriate approach.
  2. Assessment: We assess how you currently organize and execute projects. To do this, we review existing documents and conduct structured interviews or facilitated workshops with relevant stakeholders.
  3. Concept: We analyze the results of the assessment and develop concrete recommendations and an implementation plan. We involve you as appropriate in order to ensure the best and most sustainable result for you. Both optimization potential and associated costs are presented as a basis for your decisions.
  4. Implementation: We accompany or support you in implementing the agreed-upon measures. In general, the involvement of affected employees and the practical suitability of developed solutions are given special attention.


Your Benefits

  • Your customers benefit from on-time and reliable project execution.
  • Efficient project processes promote the motivation and productivity of your employees.
  • Your teams use useful methods purposefully and effectively.
  • You always have the necessary overview of relevant success factors.

PM consulting

Are you starting a challenging project?
Is your project heading towards a critical phase?
Is your project not going as smoothly as you would like?
Do you wish for additional expertise or different perspectives?
syracom supports your project success through expert project management consulting.

Our Service Offer

Your project's success is our focus. Together with you, we reflect on the initial situation, your objectives, or possible difficulties in your project. If needed, we conduct a detailed assessment as a basis for project management consulting. Qualified and experienced syracom consultants implement agreed-upon measures or assist you. We support you with challenges such as:

  • Project Start, Kick-off, Planning
  • Evaluation, Selection, and Application of Suitable Project Management Methods and Approaches
  • Role Definition, Team Formation, Team Development
  • Overcoming Obstacles or Blockades in Collaboration (see Team Coaching)
  • Project Review, Diagnosis

Your Benefits

  • You establish essential foundations for effective project execution.
  • You improve the quality of your project management.
  • You build a high-performing team.
  • You get your project (back) on track

PM Deployment

Do you have an important project on the horizon? Is there no suitable project manager, Scrum Master, or similar available? Do you need reinforcement for your project management office? syracom provides strong support to help you tackle your project management tasks.

Our Service Offer
Upon request, syracom consultants can take on a needed project management role as a colleague 'within your ranks.' This could be a project manager, Scrum Master, or a member of the project management office, for example. We are accustomed to quickly understanding a new corporate culture and effectively integrating ourselves within your organization.

Whether you manage your projects using traditional methods or agile approaches like Scrum or Kanban, we have the right consultant with the appropriate expertise and project experience. They will successfully execute your projects using established project management and consulting methods, along with tools in your environment. All in your best interest.

With proper documentation, we ensure that the task can be transferred to one of your employees at any time.

Your Benefits

  • You can reliably implement more projects in the short term.
  • We bring expertise, practical experience, and fresh perspectives.
  • You can trust that your project is in capable hands.

PM Further Education

Do you want to enhance your project management competence? Are you looking for more security in project execution? Are you aiming for a project management certification? Do you want to leverage years of experience for your project practice? syracom promotes your project management competence with professional methods and personal guidance.

Our Service Offer
We support your learning process through practical training, including:

  • Personal project management coaching
  • On-the-job project management training
  • Customized project management seminars
  • Preparation for certification exams

Your specific training needs are at the core of our approach. We tailor individual measures to your specific circumstances. All syracom trainers and coaches are certified project managers who impart their knowledge based on their own project experience.

Your Benefits

  • You expand your project management methodology knowledge.
  • You gain confidence in project execution.
  • Your training is tailored to your specific, individual needs.
  • You enhance the quality of your project management.

Team Coaching

Do you find your project progressing slowly despite good organization or agile methods? Are you hearing complaints or accusations? Do you sense a negative atmosphere within your team? Are there seemingly unexplainable difficulties?

Problems related to intangible factors can significantly impede progress in your project work. Furthermore, the exact relationships and their causes are often not clearly visible. Usually, prompt and qualified handling of such situations is crucial for the (otherwise potentially endangered) success of your project.

Our Service Offer
In the first step, we help you understand the immediate reasons for low productivity. Depending on the initial situation, this involves an analysis of the project management methods used and collaboration within the project. We pay special attention to the people involved, their communication, typical behavioral patterns, and team culture.

To improve the situation, we develop solution proposals that are specifically tailored to your team, the identified causes, the conditions, and the corporate culture. Team workshops are particularly suitable for this, as well as specific interventions with those involved. We implement the agreed-upon measures and, if necessary, accompany the team's development process over an appropriate period to ensure sustainable change.

We consider the following factors to be fundamental to the success of this approach:

  • Openness and willingness to change within your team
  • A positive culture of values for collaboration
  • Qualified consultants with extensive experience in teamwork and communication
  • Impartiality and respectful interaction with those involved

Your Benefits

  • Tensions and conflicts within the team are resolved.
  • Your colleagues work constructively and respectfully with each other.
  • Motivation and productivity of the team noticeably increase.
  • The strengthened team is better equipped to handle new challenges and uncertainties.
  • Your project gains momentum again.

Your advantage with syracom: Our consultants will get your projects back on track!


Our consultants are well-equipped for the multifaceted tasks in project management. This includes:

  • Comprehensive classical methods
  • Modern agile approaches (such as Scrum, Kanban)
  • Personality, communication, and teamwork
  • Workshops, training, and coaching


Relevant certifications confirm
our consultants' expertise::

  • Scrum Master, Product Owner und Professional
  • SAFe Agilist
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Insights Discovery
  • Team Coach (SHB)



Our consultants have practical project experience in large and medium-sized companies across various industries. They have successfully applied their knowledge, continuously developed their skills, and advised clients on project management matters.


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