PINQ Case Management

The platform for banks to efficiently answer their payment queries

Investing, withdrawing or transferring money - most processes in banking today are standardized and automated. However, up to 5% of payments are subject to queries, complaints or errors that require manual, and therefore costly, intervention.

The payment record at a glance - in PINQ's electronic file

syracom helps you to optimize this step as well - with the PINQ case management tool, which is optimized for the unique requirements of the financial industry and also covers requirements for money laundering and embargo processes. PINQ's high degree of automation makes your employees' work easier and secures your competitive advantage in the constantly growing international payment traffic.

PINQ supports you to:

  • optimize your processes for inquiries and complaints in payment transactions,
  • exploit the full automation potential of SWIFT gpi,
  • achieve planning security during the XML conversion for T2/T2S, as well as the ISO20022 migration beyond that,
  • automate and correctly calculate all charges for OUR and NON-STP payments as well as for Investigations.

    Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers more transparency and faster service.

    With PINQ you are well positioned for regulatory requirements in the future

    SWIFT gpi

    SWIFT's new Global Payments Innovation (gpi) service enables participating banks to track their payments and provide this transparency to their customers. PINQ allows them to make full use of the processes required for complaints, in particular the Stop & Recall Service (gSRP) and the Case Resolution Service (gCASE). All information from the SWIFT Tracker is combined with your internal payment data. To the flyer: gpi and ISO20022 - Positive Business Case


    The changeover to ISO20022 will not simply be a changeover to the new formats, but the greater richness of the new formats will be exploited in the future. Find out how you can use this wealth of information for your complaints process.


    Further harmonisation and increased efficiency within the Eurosystem are important objectives of the ECB. An important issue in this respect is the consolidation of TARGET2/TARGET2-Securities, which also has implications for the recall of TARGET payments, which should be effectively processed by administrators in the future within the framework of the new processes. More information on this topic: TARGET2 - TARGET2/T2S consolidation

    Receivables management in payment transactions

    The exchange of receivables in payment transactions is already largely common practice. What is unusual, however, is that these receivables and related payments can be checked for accuracy, due to the large number of items. PINQ allows you to take your receivables management for incoming and outgoing invoices for OUR and non-STP payments and demand charges to a new level. Receivables management in payment transactions: download our flyer here

    Why PINQ?

    In PINQ, syracom combines banking and process know-how at financial service providers with professional solution development. In various committees, our employees develop new standards together with banks and ensure that our customers are always optimally positioned with PINQ for current and future processes.

    Our ISO9001:2015 certified product development for "Development and maintenance for solutions for efficient business processes" gives our customers the opportunity to participate in the further development of the product in an agile manner and ensures the consistently high quality of software development and customer support


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