Well advised on the implementation of regulatory requirements

The financial industry is facing complex regulatory challenges that require forward-looking and rapid action. In addition to the implementation of individual regulations, banks, insurance companies and asset managers must also keep an eye on the interaction of various regulatory projects with existing processes. Given that requirements from legislators and supervisory authorities often communicated shortly before the measures come into effect, it is important to implement the projects efficiently and promptly. 


Regulatory requirements management

To meet these challenges, regulatory requirements for one's own institution must be clearly understood and implemented. This requires a precise description of the requirements and an assessment of the need for change to existing processes. It may be necessary to develop and implement completely new processes. Timely organizational anchoring of new processes is critical. The result is a new or adapted target process landscape that also involves changes to IT systems. To proceed efficiently, the identified requirements and regulatory adjustments should be bundled and prioritized at the process and system level to avoid unnecessary multiple changes.


Agility + regulatory are ideal for complex regulatory projects

In complex regulatory projects, agile methods can help structure change and increase team productivity. Through close, continuous collaboration, changing framework conditions can still be taken into account during implementation. Agile methods lay the foundation for flexibility and speed, which is a guarantee for success, especially in large-scale regulatory projects. Test planning, execution and transition also present challenges. It is important to involve test and transition managers at an early stage. Experience is the key here. We support you in the implementation of regulatory projects. We analyze impacts, develop implementation proposals and offer solutions at the interface between business and IT.


Your head start with syracom: Regulation from A-Z

Regulatory requirements management

We help you navigate complex regulations and find efficient solutions.

As-is process analyses and definition of target processes

We support you in precise process improvements for optimal performance.

Creation of business and IT concepts

We create a seamless bridge between ideas and implementation for you.

Implementation of individual solutions

We provide you with precisely tailored solutions, for example in the area of product governance or ex-ante cost reporting.

Setting up agile teams

We set up agile team structures to flexibly implement your projects.

Test execution and management

We reliably ensure high quality through comprehensive testing and management.