Social Engineering Consulting: Cyber Security needs the whole team

Most hackers get into the system because people voluntarily open the door for them: A click on a deceptively genuine phishing mail. A fake call from IT - the psychological tricks of cybercriminals are often difficult to detect. Against this so-called Social Engineering, we offer you a training that makes your employees sensitive to the fraud and lets them act safely. Close the last gap in the system and protect your most valuable asset: data and information.

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...that about one third of untrained employees are willing to disclose usernames and passwords over the phone? In our training sessions, we illustrate the associated risks and show your employees how to avoid dangerous behavior. For example, employees are encouraged to inform the IT department or supervisors in unclear situations and not to give out sensitive data to strangers.


Social engineering: Make data security the guiding culture

Our awareness training protects your employees and your data:

  • In a phishing campaign, we create authentic mails and simulate real hacker attacks.
  • Your employees are trained and sensitized in a targeted manner.
  • We customize the solutions for awareness training.
  • Your IT security is sustainably secured and strengthened.

Your advantage: With our social engineering training, your security grows with you

of your employees

of data loss

of IT security

Increased safety awareness
of your employees

Flexible scalable

An important component
of your risk management

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Protecting the company together - making cyber security a team culture

Awareness and training

A global company implemented a comprehensive social engineering training program for its employees. This included presentations, workshops, and simulated attacks to raise awareness of social engineering tactics.

Detection and prevention of attacks

A few months after the training, employees recognized an actual phishing attempt and reported it correctly, preventing a potential data breach. The incident could have caused significant financial and reputational damage if it had not been detected.

Long-term improvement of the safety culture

The successful defense against the attack strengthened the company's security culture. Employees were better able to recognize and prevent future attacks. The success story was shared internally and externally. This further strengthened trust in the organization and underscored its position as a responsible and security-conscious company.

Your advantage with syracom: Cyber Security that thinks with you and further.

Building a safety culture

We support you in raising awareness of cyber security among all employees and anchoring the corresponding values and courses of action in the team.

Prevention workshops

These workshops specifically prepare your employees for typical social engineering patterns. They illustrate cyber risks and provide tips on how to avoid them. With this, you can decisively reduce the likelihood of a cyber risk.

Continuous safety check

With regular audits, monitoring and evaluation, we regularly check your systems for new security vulnerabilities. As business and system landscapes change, new points of attack emerge all the time.

Sustainable awareness training

prevents your employees from becoming lax in complying with security requirements and Codes of Conduct. Not only system interfaces, but also digital contact with colleagues offers potential weak points. That's why constant vigilance is important to protect data and systems.

Hornet-Security: our cloud security partner for even more data security

More security is better - especially when it comes to sensitive data and information. That's why we partner with the leader in the cloud security industry to protect your cloud solutions. Hornet Security protects you and your employees from unwanted email content, cyberattacks and data loss. With Hornet-Security's state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we can guarantee seamless, effective protection for your digital presence and business.


Your license for double security

The Hornet License Model

  • Individually tailored to you and your needs: From Security Awareness Service to Spam & Malware Protection to Advanced Threat Protection, it makes you completely data secure.
  • The scope of the license package is scalable at any time and flexibly aligned to your needs.

Your possibilities

  • Establishment of a security culture
  • Monitoring and evaluation of weaknesses through audits
  • Prevention with training

Your individual syracom consulting

  • Individual consulting on the license model and on the selection of suitable modules
  • Support during planning, implementation and execution
  • Regular coordination rounds to adapt to your individual needs
  • Contact person for your concerns


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