Testing and quality assurance

So your software does
what you want it to

Last line of defense

Quality and performance problems after software roll-out? Or maybe even a real crash during go-live? The progress of digitalisation results in ever more complex software – which is this also more error-prone. It does not help that software testing is often neglected, performed too late, or just tacked on to the end of the budget chain.

However, the benefits of early testing are obvious: errors are uncovered not only during operation but continuously throughout the software development process. This makes the creation of your application efficient from the outset and prevents unpleasant surprises during go-live.


License to test

Declare war on digital bugs: As ISTQB Platinum partner, our methodology in the area of software testing and quality assurance is defined based on the ISTQB standard. Our certified consultants help you bridge the gap between development and operation during your application roll-out or expansion and will guide you all the way from planning to handover testing.

Our success factors: wide range of skills from test management to test automation, product independence, and strong integration capacity. Software testing by syracom – so your software does what you want it to.

  • Software testing
  • Test automation
  • Test management
  • Load and performance testing

Our experienced testing experts and test designers will support you along the entire process chain: from system testing via integration testing all the way to the final handover test, we ensure all your functional and non-functional requirements for the software are covered. In addition, with each roll-out of a software increment, repeating regression tests are performed in order to ensure consistent stability from the start and enhance your trust in the application.


The customized automation of test case runs performed by our test automators minimizes manual testing work, which significantly increases the efficiency and cost/benefit ratio of your software test. This also helps speed up the identification and repair of possible erroneous interactions with newly rolled out software components. This process suggests itself in particular for your regression tests and elaborately combined test cases.


Professional software testing requires professional test management. From design and planning via analysis and test specification all the way to test implementation in coordination with the involved providers – our test manager keeps an eye on all aspects for you. This also includes selecting suitable testing tools for your specific purpose, for instance in order to establish sustainable deviation management or provide a customized, always reliable test documentation.


In order to counteract performance problems and ensure smooth operation even during individual load peaks in processing, it is necessary to perform targeted load and performance tests. Suitable tools are employed to simulate increased loads on the application, thus testing your system for stability. In this manner, you also ensure the fulfilment of your non-functional requirements, such as specified response times or processing volumes.



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