There is a lot behind us. Even more ahead of us.

IT, consistently designed by people and the industry: a successful concept that made syracom continuously successful. Despite the bursting of the dotcom bubble, the banking crisis and Corona crisis, the company experienced the most successful business year in its 25-year history in 2022: Together with its Swiss subsidiary, sales increased to over 33 million euros.

25 years on new paths for digital transformation.

In the summer of 1998, Joachim Raczek founded syracom Software AG. He envisioned more than simply using IT as a means to an end. He wanted to combine IT with business requirements in a targeted manner to create scalable industry solutions. His vision was clear: his consulting should be consistently thought of from the customer's point of view, with customer relationships built on family values and a corporate culture based on sustainability. Since then, the syracom team of industry and IT experts, business and IT consultants, has become a specialist in digitalization and sustainability. syracom started as a small four-man operation, and has now grown into a proud 220-employee company with four offices in two countries.


25 years of syracom: a brand with charisma

However, syracom is not only successful on the sales side. The syracom brand itself is now also perceived as particularly strong, positive, reliable and high-quality. A study by the FAZ and the Institute for Management and Economic Research has revealed this as well and awarded syracom the title "Strong Brand 2023". Out of 5,000 brands, syracom was reconiyed as a true love brand!


Roswitha Steier, head of marketing at syracom, is delighted that the company's charisma radiates so authentically to the outside world while conveying syracom's values. Positive thinking, a corporate philosophy geared towards sustainability, a focus on high-quality services and a cordial and cooperative approach determines the way we deal with each other and the way we work at syracom on a daily basis.

We're not just celebrating 25 years. We are celebrating much more.

25 years of transformation and still the same.

Digitalization, process optimization, change - positive change is our business, and we always approach it differently. Just as the customer requires. We also like to look for new solutions off the beaten track. Our curiosity for new things never changes.

25 years of right of way for fairness.

Our family atmosphere gives employees support and customers the certainty of being advised honestly and at eye level. Partnership, humanity and fairness are the values and the basis for syracom's success.

25 years of outgrowth.

Making the impossible possible, thinking "offroad", always developing ourselves and creating smart solutions is our specialty. For the past 10 consecutive years, we have been recognized as the 'Best Consultants'.

25 years more than money.

We have planted 5,599 trees, reforested a forest and have been climate-neutral since 2017. In 2022, we were awarded the Golden Lily by the city of Wiesbaden for our special social commitment. Now we have made sustainability our specialty - for our customers and our environment.

25 years in the fast lane.

We have been growing for 25 years and have even expanded our team during the dotcom crisis, the banking crisis and the Corona crisis. Our success is thanks to good customer relationships, creative employees and our core competence: creating efficiency through digitalization.

25 years of authenticity.

We love what we do, and we do what we say. And we know a lot about that: We consult in teams of IT specialists and subject matter experts from the respective industry. But we never discuss topics we do not understand.

25 years of customers who become friends.

Our way of working is based on partnership. Our customers are part of our team and sometimes they become friends. For example, the customers who have been with us for 25 years - and there are quite a few of them.

25 years Sleeves up.

We do not work on short-term successes, but on long-term solutions. But to do so, we roll up our sleeves and tackle challenges immediately to integrate the optimal solution as quickly as possible.

25 years loud but quiet.

syracom is not a company where the strongest and loudest prevail. We win as a team. That's why you'll also find people at syracom who prefer to put their competence first rather than their ego.

Fairness, culture, responsibility point us in the right direction.

Many of the employees have already been working for the company for many years. For founder Joachim Raczek, this is one of the most important reasons for the success of his company. He sees syracom's fair and family-like interaction and the closely associated culture of values as the reason for this continuity. For him, this is the DNA and the driving force behind the company: "We earn money in order to make more than money with it," he says in the interview. He would also like to focus more on topics such as sustainability and social responsibility in the future.


At the end of the year, Joachim Raczek and his board colleague Natascha Schwarz will pass on their actual leadership roles to the next generation. What will change as a result? Everything. And yet nothing, because the most important thing remains: business efficiency and engineering, IT together with the business, always thought out with and by people. Both will of course remain closely connected to the company and will actively accompany the transition over the next few years in their role as consultants and advisors.