Agile Application Development

Why agile application development?

Agility increases the adaptability of your company

Today's requirements demand adapting one's own business goals and values to increasing competitive dynamics in ever-shortening cycles. Agile process models provide the ideal basis for this. The focus in this model is placed on the cooperation of all stakeholders. This lays the foundation for flexibility, responsiveness, and high customer satisfaction. This way you never lose sight of your actual project objectives.

Agility in every project

We believe in the agile model and we are not the only ones: The CHAOS report of the Standish Group (2012) shows that projects following agile process models were 42 % successful, whereas the conservative waterfall model was successful in only 14 % of the cases. In our experience, one must add the essential criterion "quality" to the success factors mentioned in the report (time, budget, and scope). Agile projects increase this exponentially.


Comprehensive project records

We have experience in a large number of various agile projects. We therefore know what methods and practices are especially critical to success.

Benefit from our experience

During the analysis, we jointly take a look at your current projects, identify problem areas, and develop alternative solutions together. It is important in this process to take an integrated view: from the selection and integration of suitable technical solutions and practices, the formation of agile teams, all the way to the company-wide distribution of the agile mindset.



  • Requirement management
  • Design & programming
  • Agile testing
  • Agile mindset

The specification of requirements receives a completely new structure. The empirical phase of requirement analysis is a thing of the past: the product owner for the departments and project managers creates a list of requirements sorted by priority (product backlog). He updates it in regular intervals, refines it, and has thus the opportunity to react to changing requirements quickly and individually.



Sustainably efficient business processes. Many companies already have an action system that functions efficiently and successfully. However, when thinking about branching out to new products, customer groups, distribution channels, and technologies, the existing process capacities are insufficient. New business processes must be designed, existing business processes optimized and supported by IT. Through a thorough study of the action system of the business processes for IT support, Syracom creates the conditions for quick and optimal implementation of solutions in running order.

We stand for a maximum of quality and ensure it through the competent selection of suitable test strategies. For this purpose, we use suitable tools such as JUnit, Selenium, or JBoss Arquillian to develop a test suite from unit to integration tests. We also employ practices such as "behavior-driven development" (BDD). They integrate the departments into the project early on and thus increase their involvement and acceptance.

In addition to procedural changes, the agile process also signifies especially individual changes for all participants and organizational units. Agile projects can only be performed successfully if they are accepted and embodied by the organization, the teams, and every individual. We ensure this through workshops, kick-off events, and team and individual coaching in order to involve all project participants exactly where they want to be.