Finding IT vulnerabilities with penetration tests

Pentests are used to subject your IT infrastructure and systems to a comprehensive audit. This helps you to determine how vulnerable your infrastructure is to attacks from hackers. During a pentest, a fake attack on your systems is carried out. In the process Methods and techniques are used that are also used by real attackers or hackers.

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Classic penetration tests map the approach of real attackers and identify real, exploitable vulnerabilities in infrastructures (without false positives). However, they are often very complex. Their procedure, as well as focus and results, depend heavily on the skills and perspective of the testers. Difficulty in reproducing and non-existent measurability are also major problems of classic penetration tests.

Highly automated penetration tests, which syracom offers, are much more efficient and comprehensive. These are carried out agentlessly and optionally remotely with the PenTera platform from our partner Pcysys. You do not need to install any additional software on your devices. We either carry out these tests as a service (PTaaS) and bring the devices, know-how and implementation to you from a single source. Or we accompany you step by step in the sense of Continuous Integration while integrating the platform into your existing business processes after the purchase of a licence.

Our IT security team takes on the role of the hacker during the pentest. With the help of PenTera, we can carry out a large number of attacks that would take several weeks to carry out manually. Results are available in only one to two days. Your systems are attacked in a targeted, measurable and reproducible manner. Our security team acts not only as attackers, but also as advisors and helps interpret the results during and after the penetration test.

Holistic IT security approach

Our holistic approach enables you to make a sound assessment of the current security of your IT infrastructure and to improve it in the long term. This approach is supported by additional solution modules. In this context, our Reality Check helps you to understand attacks from outside and to check the behavior within your company. We also offer audits to check your identity and access systems and advise you on topics such as multifactor authentication. All these methods are both company-specific and adapted to the current situation. Thus, we can perform penetration tests completely remotely and implement further solution components with a minimum of physical presence.

Why syracom?

Our syracom IT security team combines specialist know-how with the latest technologies and has a comprehensive partner network at its disposal. We advise independently and see ourselves as holistic companions during the implementation. Plan your first automated penetration tests with us today and benefit from outstanding security know-how.

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