In the shadow of IT: dangerous software chaos

Many employees, many different software solutions, little control. Digital services are quickly trusted. They are easily accessible, flexible to use, and often free of charge. This is also true of the widely used SaaS offerings in freemium packages. Problem solved? Not for IT security. The proliferation undermines established processes for complying with legal and regulatory requirements. This leaves the door wide open for shadow IT. Certainly no longer secure.

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IT security in the fog

Meeting compliance requirements has never been an easy task. With cloud applications increasingly in use, this is becoming even more challenging. Cloud applications such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are easy to use, readily available and low cost. This makes them a growing challenge for IT managers. Often, Shadow IT is created - usually unintentionally. Such dark corners do not take privacy or IT security into account. Addiotionally they do not comply with corporate guidelines and compliance requirements in terms of financial planning and budgeting either. It is crucial to create environments in which Shadow IT can be integrated in a legal manner, while also preserving corporate guidelines and compliance requirements.

The dangers of shadow IT are no small matter

Security risks: Data breaches, malware, unauthorized access.

Lack of control: no monitoring, lack of updates.

Compatibility problems: Integration difficulties.

Insufficient backups: risk of data loss.

Lack of compliance: violation of regulations.

Cost factor: Unnecessary expenses.

Poor performance: Degradation of network and system performance.

Loss of data control: Unclear data flow and data sovereignty.

In an increasingly networked world, for example, confidential corporate data can end up on servers that are often outside the company's direct control. And adherence to internal corporate compliance requirements is also of utmost importance, as it encompasses various aspects such as information security, copyright protection, licensing and data protection, and retention obligations. Shadow IT leads to efficiency problems in the organization, as evidenced by duplicate purchases of software licenses and redundant technical solutions. These are just a few examples of how they show up in everyday business.


Your head start with syracom: Bring SaaS applications to light and make them legal.


We show you how to easily and quickly identify all SaaS applications in use and make them visible at a glance.

Analysis and evaluation

Every SaaS application is targeted and looked at to see if it meets your security policies. Block or integrate?


We work with you to create an authorization concept for each SaaS application to be integrated.


We integrate SaaS applications into your central IAM process or find a suitable IAM solution for you.

Safe process

We establish a process with you to permanently avoid shadow IT.


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