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In a holistic business process management, regulatory hurdles must also be overcome in the course of business process compliance. At the same time, other innovative approaches such as Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), Requirements Management, Case Management or Big Data must be integrated into your processes. Optimising business processes therefore involves a high level of complexity that you as a company must get to grips with.

With efficient, digital processes, you can achieve your business goals.

Whether the goal is cost reduction, profit growth or quality and efficiency improvement, sophisticated business process management must continuously improve all processes. Supported by a digital strategy adapted for you. You know your goal: only a high level of digitalisation creates a strong flow of information and makes your company more profitable. Process optimisation consulting is an investment in the future - it creates simplification and brings concrete efficiency benefits.

Become a digital leader with process optimisation

Our business process management experts directly support you as a customer in optimising business processes along the entire value chain. In doing so, we quickly provide you with all the control information you need to adapt all processes to your strategy and your customers. How successful optimised business processes can be is shown, for example, in the case study for the retail workbench designed and developed together with DZ BANK. read more

syracom is a cooperation partner with the software provider Symbioworld GmbH. Benefit from the bundled competence of excellent consulting and the innovation leader in the field of business process and quality management software.

1. Business process architecture and meta model

With our expertise, methods and technology competence, we support you in setting up the business process architecture:

  • Derivation of the process portfolio from your corporate strategy and visualisation in a process map
  • Clear division of core and service processes and clearly presented communication relationships
  • Detailed description of the necessary functions
  • Structuring your business processes in the form of a business process architecture
  • Design of a process-driven application landscape within the framework of architecture-based business and IT planning

Through our "best practice" approaches, but also through our neutral consulting independent of standards and manufacturers, we assure you of a purely application-oriented, company-specific solution.

Your benefit

  • Integrated view of processes, organisation and data
  • process-oriented management of your value-added processes
  • Consistent alignment of all structures with your strategic corporate goals

Due to many years of practical experience, syracom is an ideal partner for the successful introduction of your business process management.

2. Business process documentation and management

The overall process architecture is concretised with the business process documentation:

  • Description and documentation of the target business processes, taking into account the actual processes.
  • Uniform documentation along the entire process map
  • Use of process documentation tool for transparent mapping of business processes, responsibilities and assets

For their holistic process management, roles, measuring points and quality gates must be determined in order to regularly review their processes.

We support you:

  • in establishing your process management
  • in the selection of a suitable tool for you and its introduction in your company
  • in the modelling of processes and the quality assurance of the process models

3. Business process optimisation and digitalisation

our business is constantly changing: new products, new customer groups, new distribution channels. And the constant challenge of adapting new technologies.
New business processes must be designed and existing business processes optimised. Particularly due to digitalisation, IT solutions and interfaces are becoming more and more important and must be taken into account when designing processes.
In addition to the end-to-end consideration of your end-to-end business processes, we place particular emphasis on the digitalisation of processes with the help of:

  • Process management tools
  • Creating a company-wide/group-wide view by means of EAM
  • The automation and digitalisation of your processes across applications by means of interdisciplinary teams
  • Creating digital interfaces / APIs / blockchain solutions
  • Process automation, e.g. using RPA

We support you directly in the optimisation and digitalisation of your core processes.

Your benefit:

  • You quickly receive all control information to adapt all processes to your strategy and your customers.
  • Optimisation of business processes along the entire value chain.
  • You strategically expand the strengths of your company.
  • Achieve your business goals more easily with efficient, digital processes and become a digital leader with process optimisation.

4. Process automation

With the automation of your manual business processes and the holistic integration of the processes into the system landscape, you defend your claim to leadership. With automated processes, higher process quality, higher customer satisfaction and better compliance, you ignite the booster for your success.
Our IT experts provide support at the crucial points of your IT project and set and implement automation solutions for your efficient processes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In the process landscape of companies, you often find time-consuming and cost-intensive processes that tie up employee capacities. With RPA, you can easily automate repetitive, time-consuming processes that follow fixed rules. Processing time is shortened and employees are given new freedom for more complex activities. read more

Your benefit:

  • Improved adherence to deadlines and process quality increase the satisfaction of your customers
  • significantly more efficient processes through lower process costs
  • through the combined optimisation of professionalism, processes and your application landscape, you increase sustainable added value in your company and for customers

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