syracom culture and values

Passion drives us. Team spirit makes us excellent. We are successful because our employees are. Mutual trust has given rise to the open and dynamic corporate culture that is shaped by around 180 employees in Germany. This culture is a central factor in our economic success. As a result, syracom has grown steadily since its inception in 1998.


Values are
the basis
of our success.

Passion drives us. Team spirit makes us excellent.

Partnership: We achieve the best solutions as a team.

For us, a person is competent if, in addition to his or her specialist knowledge, he or she also brings the appropriate human values to the table. Values such as respect, trust, fairness and a sense of responsibility are important to us because we are reliable partners. We listen and understand our customers - and therefore have relationships with them that have grown over years.


Sustainability: We create solutions and relationships with reach

Long-term solutions are more important to us than short-term successes. That is why we are not only a supplier of ideas, but also advise our customers over a long period of time. Our central concern is to shape the future in a socially responsible and environmentally compatible way. That is why we set ourselves not only economic, but also social and ecological goals, and ensure that our actions comply with social and environmental standards.


Entrepreneurship: We think ahead and get stuck in.

We don't just do what our customers ask us to do. We think holistically, about tomorrow and about what really delivers added value for our customers. In doing so, we not only create concepts, but also put them into practice. This is a major competitive advantage for our customers: Together, we can get things done faster.


Competence: We combine the best of business and IT

Our many years of project experience in various industries and fields is your competitive advantage. syracom offers you a broad spectrum of established, field-tested methods - combined with industry expertise in our special topics. We do not leave the competence of our employees to chance, but promote it continuously, on a professional and personal level. This ensures that our know-how is always up-to-date and in line with the market.


Intelligence: Our business and IT solutions inspire customers.

For us, intelligent solutions are benefit-oriented and successful in the long term. We recognize the market potential of ideas and develop them quickly and reliably into marketable solutions. We think ahead without losing sight of investments already made. We create sustainable added value - with and for our customers.



Authenticity: We are who we are.

We are honest, easy-going, straight forward and open. We accept mistakes and learn from them.  We say what's on our mind and what's what - that is why our customers can also fully rely on our advice.