Consileon Group

syracom is part of the Consileon Group

Management and IT consulting develop individual and sustainable solutions along the entire value-added chain – from strategy to technical implementation. As customer you thus profit from our wide service spectrum.  Our company houses the well-founded know-how and many years of experience of 430 employees under one roof. We work together as partners within the Consileon Group. Depending on need, we will put the right team of experts together for you, suitable for your industry and your technical and methodological requirements. This results in new intelligent ideas and methods.


Consileon is an integrated management and technology consulting firm providing feasible, sustainable solutions that turn opportunities into reality. Backed by the integrity of its people and a unique culture of long-term orientation, Consileon brings strategic expertise, operational knowhow and technical prowess to deliver fully-integrated solutions to a wide array of industries and organizations.

Lüdke + Döbele is specialized in operative and strategic consulting for sales and marketing activities. As health care experts, Lüdke + Döbele provides executives and decision-makers with individual and integrated solutions for strategic questions, missing resources for project management, and change management.

Ajco brings standardization and automation of advisory and sales processes to financial services industry. Ajco’s forward-thinking, rule-based financial advisory applications deliver competitive advantages to its clients–and help them reshape their customer experiences.


Pinq is an end-to-end case management system providing rapid resolution of payment-related inquiries and claims for financial institutions. Optimized for the SWIFT standards, it’s designed to improve cost saving, efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability far into the future. Pinq is developed and powered by syracom.

In Germany’s finance industry, FiANTEC is known for its core product, a software for sales management and commission accounting sold under the same name. Leading stockbrokers, banks, insurance companies, and real estate agents use FiANTEC to map complex sales structures comprehensibly, develop and optimize remuneration models, and control their application.