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The future of the automotive industry is changing faster than ever before. The formula for the fast lane to success is CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric. The new mobility is smart and developing rapidly. And it is bringing new, strong players into the game, especially from Asia. What this means for the automotive industry is that everything is changing, and it's changing all the time. But what exactly does CASE mean?

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The CASE Formula:

  • Connected: Vehicles that are connected to their environment provide important information to the driver.
  • Autonomous: Through artificial intelligence, the car makes autonomous decisions to enhance driving safety.
  • Shared: Instead of owning vehicles, car-sharing services are used. The manufacturer can tap into new target groups by specifically adapting to the needs of users.
  • Electric: Internal combustion engines and harmful exhaust gases are giving way to CO²-efficient electric drive alternatives.

Research and development secure you the pole position

The conversion of vehicles from combustion engine to electric motor and digitalization are revolutionizing the automotive industry. In addition to customer demands for alternative drives and autonomous driving (ADAS / AD), other changes are becoming important: Legal requirements for fleet consumption, environmental protection and country-specific requirements (WLTP, homologation) demand high investments from manufacturers and suppliers.


The effective and efficient R&D management model from syracom

Working profitably despite rising development costs and stagnating sales - the key to success lies in an efficient R&D management (research & development management). With syracom's holistic 4-phase model you keep the increasing complexity under control and increase efficiency. syracom accompanies you with professional, technical and methodical know-how in all phases of your research and development.


  1. Strategy development: Doing the right things.
  2. Structural optimization: Taking responsibility for things.
  3. Process optimization: Doing things right.
  4. Project management: Making things work.

How to succeed in the change without speed limit

Vehicles are evolving into mobile interaction modules that communicate with other vehicles and the environment. Smart IT services play a crucial role here, both for the vehicle itself and in operation. Mastering the flood of data is crucial in order to be able to respond to changing customer needs at an early stage.


The digital transformation is also changing internal corporate processes. Existing processes must be designed to be of better quality, more flexible and adapted to new communication and information technologies. Web and mobile platforms must be created, and employees and business partners networked. An agile work organization is best suited to manage the rapid change and new digitality.

syracom offers consulting on how classic processes can be combined with agile techniques to accelerate digitization. We optimize workflows that have grown over years and accompany your change management with our experience and expertise. Together with your team, we develop innovative software solutions to secure your lead in the highly competitive automotive market.

Contact us - syracom is your reliable partner for combining business requirements with suitable IT. We pave your way to digital transformation - securely, sustainably and efficiently.


Your advantage with syracom: consulting from a single source.

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We support you in the analysis, optimization and automation of business processes.

Solution Engineering

Implementation of holistic and at the same time customized IT security solutions.


Customized Atlassian solutions for optimal internal communication and smooth workflows.

IT Security

Implementation of holistic and at the same time customized IT security solutions.

Project Management

Failures are usually not due to technical difficulties, but to inadequacies in planning, control or coordination.


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