Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Implementation

Robotic Process Automation:
More time to look ahead.

Do you want to accelerate processes and sustainably reduce costs? With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this works without any complex adjustments to your IT systems. RPA - your virtual software robot - mimics human interactions and handles rule-based, repetitive tasks and processes for you. This gives you and your employees new freedom to devote themselves to value-adding tasks. The implementation of the virtual robot is as efficient as RPA itself: Your new assistant can be installed in your existing IT systems and interfaces without any drastic changes.

Realize benefits easily and quickly with RPA

At the edge with syracom:
RPA from A to Zag

Orientation workshops

Information on how RPA works, the success factors and the approach in projects.


In-house knowledge building for the development of software robots.

Process analysis

Evaluation of the automation potential of processes and the development time.

RPA pilot project (proof of concept)

Automation of a pilot process: concept creation, development to go-live.

Further development of the RPA process landscape

Development of further automation potentials, also in connection with related technologies (e.g. OCR).

Change management and health check

Support of internal change processes during RPA introduction and testing of existing robots.

Our partner UiPath: New process intelligence with robots

As the world's leading RPA software provider with the goal of "a robot for every person", UiPath is continuously advancing the development of its product range. The core of the offering is software for the automation of standardized processes, which are executed by so-called robots. Around this core, the company has also created offerings in the field of artificial intelligence to enable end-to-end automation even for complex processes.

UiPath licensing consulting: We will find the right licensing package for you.

The license model

The UiPath licensing model includes different licenses for robot development and operation as well as for AI automation tools. Many different license packages are available. From the development studio with associated robot to the automation platform and various AI components, the right package can be found for every need.

The scope of the license package is scalable at any time, i.e. you can easily expand it as needed. The software can be operated both locally and on a server.

Your possibilities with the right licenses:

  • Automate processes in UiPath Studio
  • Execute the automations with the UiPath Robots
  • Manage robots and process execution in Orchestrator, UiPath's automation platform
  • Read and process data from non-standard or scanned documents with UiPath Document Understanding
  • and much more.

We can help you find the right licensing package for your business. Our consulting services for UiPath licensing include:

  • Comprehensive advice on the licensing model and on selecting a suitable license package
  • Procurement of the selected license(s) as an official UiPath partner
  • Support during installation and contact person for further questions regarding operation


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