Atlassian Support

Atlassian Jira and Confluence

Individual solutions, efficient processes with JIRA and Confluence

What can you achieve using the software tools JIRA and Confluence?

You could, for instance:

  • improve internal communication
  • organize and support processes with less effort
  • document projects, IT operations, and requirements for different target groups (different views of a document with key word indexing and full-text search)
  • improve and simplify the control and monitoring of projects, work-flows, or bug tracking


Installation and adaptation of new and existing systems

You would like to better take advantage of the many possible configurations of the Atlassian Tools in order to enhance user-friendliness and acceptance and simplify your work?

We adapt your existing Atlassian systems to meet your expectations and will gladly advise you about efficient utilization and expansion possibilities.

Need-oriented added functionality through plug-in development

You need additional functions from Atlassian tools in order to work more effectively? We implement them for you and develop the corresponding plugins for JIRA and Confluence.

Your benefits

syracom consultants have many years of experience in representing various business and development processes on the Atlassian systems: from conception to operation. Take advantage of our experience to work more efficiently and more effectively with the Atlassian tools.


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