IT Security Check

IT Security clear as crystal

The syracom IT Security Check delivers answers to the following questions:

  • How secure are the data and business processes of the company?
  • How effective are already implemented measures?
  • Is the company aware of all significant risks and legal framework conditions?
  • Where is action required and with what priority should it be taken?


If a business only focuses on individual aspects of security it is not comprehensively protected against attacks. Just like with a house, attackers don't only come through the front door, but also through windows or the back porch.



Security at all levels

It is important to secure these points of attack. The company must be studied in detail to prevent unwanted events such as data theft and abuse or the manipulation of systems, processes, and employees.

Our IT security service components work on all business levels: from IT applications all the way to inside perpetrators. We look at security from four perspectives: web application security (WAS), identity and access management (IAM), data security (DS), and social engineering (SE).

Every perspective provides different security-relevant insights into the company:

  • Risks due to employees’ use of social media, such as phishing
  • Security to the outside, such as unauthorized entry on the business premises
  • Selection criteria for employees, partners, and suppliers
  • Security of information systems, such as access protection
  • Security of communication systems, such as encryption methods
  • Prevention of business-internal fraud, such as white-collar hacking
  • Use of technology, such as external storage media or wireless networks

IT security check – Our method

  1. Preliminary analysis: preliminary discussion of existing problems and outline of business situation, specification of target group, and subsequent coordination of the components and packages to be checked
  2. Implementation: on-site workshop for determination of actual state of security maturity in the business and identification of weaknesses
  3. Result – what you get from us:

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