Looking ahead: This is how insurance will work in the future.

The insurance industry is navigating through turbulent times: Demographic change is jeopardising pension systems. Interest rates are lower than ever, but regulatory requirements are constantly increasing. Customers are digital natives whose wishes are changing more rapidly all the time. Instead of just reacting to this, it is better to proceed proactively and shape the future at an early stage: with a digital platform that helps you adapt to your customers and new requirements at lightning speed. We'll show you how to digitise your insurance and conveniently integrate regulatory compliance at the same time.

Briisk – entering new insurance markets at high speed.

Developing new, resourceful insurance products – preferably with a simple click? syracom quickly and easily solves these challenges on the Briisk platform. Briisk maps the entire value chain of your insurance and connects insurers with customers and sales partners. At the same time, the platform is so flexible and modular that it can be rapidly adapted to your needs. With Briisk, you can respond quickly and particularly cost-effectively to the wishes of your customers.

Regulations? Included.

Insurance companies and their data must remain secure even in the course of digitisation and networking. This is ensured by new regulations and laws such as supervisory requirements for insurance enterprises (VAIT) and the GDPR, although these usually result in a considerable additional effort for insurance companies. Our experts think of such requirements for you as a matter of principle and integrate them profitably into your digital solution, for example with the RSA Archer Suite. Regulations? Already done.


We don’t just think of solutions. We also get them ready.

Ideas are as good as they work. That’s why we build digital solutions ourselves, from the initial idea to the final functionality. Using classic and agile techniques, we accompany you through the entire change process all the way to the goal. We optimise your workflows and work with you to develop the innovative software solutions that will secure your position in the competitive marketplace.


Your leading edge with syracom:
Solution engineering from one source.


We support you in the analysis, optimisation and automation of business processes. Learn more


Connecting applications or services, migrating legacy systems or integrating new systems: syracom supports you to ensure that even a heterogeneous landscape continues to work. Learn more


Implementation of comprehensive and at the same time customised IT security solutions. Learn more


Customised Atlassian solutions for optimal internal communication and smooth workflows. Learn more


Implementation of comprehensive and at the same time customised IT security solutions. Learn more


Most failures are not caused by technical difficulties but by inadequacies in planning, control or coordination. Learn more

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