Looking ahead: This is how insurance will work in the future.

The insurance industry is navigating through turbulent times: Demographic changes are jeopardizing pension systems, while interest rates are lower than ever and regulatory requirements are continuously increasing. Digital natives as customers are an additional challenge, as their wishes are changing ever faster. Better than just reacting is being proactive and shaping the future early on: with a digital platform that helps you adapt to your customers and new requirements at lightning speed. We will show you how to digitize your insurance and integrate the regulatory framework at the same time.

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Briisk - at high speed into new insurance markets.

Develop new, imaginative insurance products - at the push of a button! syracom solves such challenges quickly and easily on the Briisk platform. Briisk maps the entire value chain of your insurance and connects insurers with customers and sales partners. The flexible and modular platform quickly adapts to your needs. With Briisk, you can respond to your customers' needs quickly, efficiently and, above all, cost-effectively. Explore the possibilities of Briisk today!

Regulatory? Included.

Insurance companies must also ensure that their data is protected in the course of digitalization and networking. We support you in adopting new requirements and regulations such as VAIT and the DSGVO. These usually entail a considerable amount of additional work. Our experts think through such requirements for you and integrate them seamlessly into your digital solution, for example with the Archer Suite. This way, you can efficiently meet regulatory requirements while maintaining profitably. Regulatory issues? No longer a problem for you.


We don't just think solutions.
We also implement them.

Ideas are as good as their implementation. That's why, when it comes to developing digital solutions, we take care of the entire process from the initial idea to the final functionality. Using classic and agile techniques, we accompany you through the entire change process until you reach your goal. Our experts optimize your workflows and work closely with you to develop innovative software solutions that give you a secure place in the highly competitive market. Rely on us to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today.

Your advantage with syracom: consulting from a single source.

Business processes

We support you in the analysis, optimization and automation of business processes.

Solution Engineering

Implementation of comprehensive yet customized IT security solutions.


Customized Atlassian solutions for optimal internal communication and smooth workflows.

IT Security

Implementation of comprehensive yet customized IT security solutions.

Project Management

Failures are usually not due to technical difficulties, but to inadequacies in planning, control or coordination.


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