GRC-Consulting: So that constant change remains an opportunity - and does not become a risk.

Digitization is enabling changes at an ever-increasing pace. How does one prevent Security from falling by the wayside in the process? Increasing interconnectedness, growing complexity and constantly new regulatory requirements expose companies to growing risk. A holistic governance, risk & compliance approach helps to maintain an overview and control.

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Loss of data and reputation

What if the account management software stops working or if a server containing important customer data fails or, worse, is hacked?

Then the company loses the trust of its customers. A loss of reputation that can cause sensitive damage. Data and IT problems are a frequently underestimated risk that now ranks far ahead of economic difficulties or legal violations.

Identifying risks at an early stage and assessing them correctly is therefore essential for the success of a company. Our consultants will be happy to support you in defining suitable guidelines and establishing a defensible GRC management system.

We secure your lead with:

Individual, holistic solutions

The correct handling of risks

Image cultivation

Reduction of the workload

Liability reduction

Safeguarding corporate assets

Integrated approach


Digitization of GRC processes

Utilization of synergies of the individual GRC management systems

syracom's GRC domains: Our GRC approach makes your Risks transparent.

Information Security Management

Information Security protects information against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or manipulation. It includes measures that also ensure this for processes, systems and networks. In this way, you ensure the Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of information in your company.


Business Continuity Management

With a Business Continuity Management system, you can maintain business operations even in the event of a crisis. The management system protects critical applications, systems, etc. and creates measures to reduce recovery times.


Compliance Management

A Compliance Management system helps your company to act in accordance with laws, guidelines, ethical regulations, etc. It protects you from liability risks and raises your employees' awareness. It thus protects you from liability risks, sensitizes your employees and helps to secure business success in the long term.


Risk Management

With the Risk Management system, you identify risks at an early stage, assess them uniformly and address them adequately. This enables you to develop and define tailored measures and controls.


Sustainability management

Regulatory requirements and societal expectations demand professional sustainability management in the company. This is a challenge especially for small companies. syracom supports you in identifying risks at an early stage and maintaining an overview.
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Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing management helps you manage your third-party relationships more efficiently, conduct service audits, and mitigate associated risks.



Since the introduction of the GDPR, the data protection requirements for companies have increased significantly. Ensuring the protection of data protection-compliant processing of personal data is the top priority. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines, making it essential to address this issue.


IT Security Consulting

IT security comprises protective measures for information, systems and data from unauthorized access. The protection of digital identities plays an important role here. We show you how to stay on the safe side with our support.
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The risk cannot be postponed. Better contact us now and benefit from:

Professional advice

We advise you how to all areas Governance, Risk & Compliance environment.

Detailed analysis

We analyze your existing GRC management systems and derive targeted measures.

Information Security

We support you in everything that concerns information security, including as an external ISB.

Data protection compliance

We support you in activities that concern the protection of personal data.

Digitization GRC processes

We look at whether their processes are coherent for GRC management and digitize them.

Structure GRC platform

We build a uniform GRC platform for you and integrate it into your system landscape.

Integrated management systems

We know the current trend topics and integrate them into your existing GRC processes.

ESG Risk Management

We also take ESG risks into account and map them in your management system.

Project management

If required, we can also provide external management for your GRC project.


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