PINQ for Charges

The fees go up, so do the queries:
PINQ for Charges keeps track of your bank-to-bank fee requirements.

There are a variety of business challenges faced by banks in the handling of processing large amounts of charges for payments. The charges mentioned are for example for OUR and non-STP payments, as well as investigation related charges. PINQ for Charges is a central solution for the processing of bank-to-bank charges claims. PINQ ensures banks can keep track with the raise of payment charges as well as regulatory changes, such as SWIFT GO.



Realize benefits with PINQ

Simplification of the charges process through automation


Higher efficiency and risk minimization of fee handling in a centralized solution


Cost savings in fee handling

Improvement of the customer service


Support of the bank's relationship management as a flexible tool in case of changes in conditions


Seamless transparency of in- and outgoing charges from end-to-end and generation of payment and booking instructions

Revenue generation in the back office


Keep Track with new regulatory and market changes such as SWIFT Go

PINQ for Charges masters a number of business challenges:

  • analyses each claim to verify the accuracy and validity of the underlying payment
  • standardises the submission of fee claims
  • ensures that the variety of T&Cs agreed between banks and their counterparts for received and set out claims are met such as amount of payment, number of transactions including the SWIFT Go T&C’s
  • reconciles payments received with outstanding receivables
  • follows a transparent process in case of discrepancies between own calculation and those of the counterparty
  • allows to efficiently generate reports for the fee process (MIS) to monitor volume and quality of the claims sent and received

SWIFT Partner

Since 2005 syracom has been an accredited solution partner of SWIFT and has been complying to the requirements of "Ready Exceptions and Investigations" Label.


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