IT Security Consulting: IT security also becomes a management task

Cyber attacks are one of the biggest risk factors in companies. Legislators are also starting to intervene with regulatory requirements to protect the company. This means that responsibility for IT security no longer lies with the IT manager alone, but now belongs to top management. IT security requires more than just technical aspects. Protecting digital identities and raising awareness among employees to hacker attacks as well as the risks of shadow IT - that is part of IT security today. The IT security experts from syracom support you in making your company a bit more secure every day. In doing so, they keep an eye on your processes. Do your IT security check with us.

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Risks lurk everywhere. How big is the threat really?

Cybercriminals have countless entry points to gain access to valuable information and data: Vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, failure to execute updates to correct errors, overly complex identity management, a lack of overview of cloud tools and careless employees are just a few possible points of attack.

What is new, however, is the challenge of filtering out the relevant issues from the flood of cyberattack information while working efficiently. The following three questions will help you focus on the essentials:

  • Are my IT security measures taking effect?
  • Am I well positioned in the event of an attack?
  • Should I invest more in IT security?

As long as software is written by humans, there will be vulnerabilities that cybercriminals will exploit. Today, with a high level of automation and true validation of the entire attack surface, we can pretty much determine if security measures in place are working or if they need to be expanded.

From security and compliance policies to authorization management, for applications on premise or in the cloud: Benefit from our many years of experience in IT security consulting, identity and access management, pentesting and awareness measures against social engineering attacks.

IT security and GRC included: Gain more control.

Minimization of risks

Compliance with regulations

Effective control of GRC processes

IT Security Consulting: IT Security from S to XL

syracom offers customers individually customized security solutions. In addition to technical and operational know-how, we also keep an eye on processes within the company. Thus, your IT security solution is integrated precisely into your system and process landscape and can measurably reduce security risks. With our IT security consulting, you also benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of GRC and identity and access management. syracom uses the synergies that result from IT security and GRC. Thus, not only risks are minimized, but at the same time regulations are complied with and the effective control of processes is guaranteed.


Your advantage with syracom: IT Security Consulting secure without gaps

IT Security Check

Get an overview of the security of data and business processes in your company. Are you aware of all significant risks and legal frameworks? Discover your need for action.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Many employees, a wide variety of software solutions, open systems. Do you still control the data flows in IT, or has a shadow IT established itself? We help you keep control.

Social Engineering (SE) und Awareness

We train and raise awareness among your employees against hacker attacks. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to perform test Phishing at different maturity levels and measure the success of your measures.


We continuously identify security vulnerabilities with highly automated pentests, making them visible to you.

IT security can't wait. It's best to get started right away.

Start here with your IT security check. Based on this, we work with you to prioritize the most important parameters for ensuring your IT security before we implement them in your company. This is how we make our customers a little more secure every day.


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