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IT security today covers more than just technical security. It also includes securing the business model. From the outset, businesses must consider the protection of digital identities in their business concept – and not only since the General Data Protection Regulation DSGVO became effective. Neglecting IT security sooner or later means the end for a business.

Why is that? Nearly all business models that arise from the digitalization have one thing in common: they are based on data and thus on digital identities. We can all see that this is the case every day. If necessary data is lost or manipulated, this automatically endangers business model. Customers switch to providers with whom their data or identities are safer. IT security is therefore an elementary part of customer satisfaction. In the area of IT security consulting, we help you make your business a bit safer every day.

IT Security Consulting: The IT Security Model Tailored to the Customer

syracom offers customers a holistic and at the same time individually adapted security solution. It is based on many years of experience in the field of identity and access management and has been expanded to include current topics such as data protection and digitalisation. A tangible added value for our customers.


The syracom IT security solution is based on four pillars

We analyze various security aspects in the following four dimensions: web application security (WAS), identity and access management (IAM), data safety (DS), and social engineering (SE). For instance, how employees, partners, and suppliers should handle media and data to minimize security risks. We also slip into the role of your employees and simulate attacks on your systems. In addition, we identify specific security gaps and check whether unauthorized access is possible.

The four pillars cover technical aspects as well as functional, regulatory, and behavior-related issues. IT security consulting for your information security 4.0.

IT security consulting - let's get started

We begin with an IT Security Check. Based on this, together with you we prioritize the most important parameters for ensuring your IT security before realizing them in the company. We make our customers a bit safer every day.


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IT Security Cluster

Through our membership, we have our finger on the pulse and are not only always informed about current security risks, but also an active cooperation partner for science. Our customers thus benefit from our lively exchange and the continuous development of security solutions.


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