Passion for the good cause

An essential part of syracom's corporate culture leaves its mark in a wide variety of social activities. Sometimes the commitment even goes beyond normal working hours, such as when our meadow orchard is mowed or the fruit trees are pruned. The social projects are selected from the areas of social welfare, the environment and sports, and meet defined criteria. Necessity, sustainability and regional relevance are at the forefront. And why do we do this? We want to pass on a piece of our success.

Social projects

Bärenherz: All-round care for seriously ill children

Bärenherz is a household name in Wiesbaden. syracom met the children's hospice through the IFB Foundation. Since 2017, we have regularly supported Bärenherz in various activities and with donations in favor of the children and their families.


The bear heart knitted bear moves in with us for the anniversary

In August 2018 - syracom just turneds 20 - our board of directors bought the first knitted bear at an auction, where several bears in the most dazzling colors and different shapes were sold. The little rainbow-colored wool teddy bear named Armin. The bears were designed by different artists. Each bear is given the name of a child cared for by the Bärenherz Foundation.

The following year, syracom buys 50 smaller knitted bears, which are then given away to customers, benefiting the little protégés of the Bärenherz Foundation.

The knitted bears all have one origin: they are made with much love by Brigitte Ziegan. Between 2008 and 2018, around 1,000 pieces alone were made and sold by Brigitte Ziegan in memory of a child of the Bärenherz family. The knitted bears are available from Mrs. Ziegan:

syracom CEO Joachim Raczek is himself a volunteer on the foundation's board of trustees. He also helped design the colorful mosaic bear that lives in the Bärenherz children's hospice. The mosaic stands for cohesion and the importance of each individual.

IFB Foundation: Promoting social initiative with the Inclusion Award

Inclusion Award

The Inclusion Prize was awarded by the IFB Foundation for the first time in 2015. The aim is to promote the initiatives that improve the everyday life of people with special needs.  The winners are chosen by a jury of experts from business, politics and affected persons. Due to the positive response, the geographical scope was expanded in 2016 to include the entire South Hesse region. The award is announced every two years.
We have supported the Inclusion Award since the beginning.

Since 2016, syracom has participated in the selection of the winner as an active member of the jury and shares this great responsibility with other jury members.

Press release of the IFB for the 2nd Inclusion Award

Message about the 3rd Inclusion Award

In 2019, the IFB Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary. In addition, Syracom actively supported the Foundation at the "Mixed Feelings" art exhibition.

Children's hospice Löwenmut: New building project "Sun"

The Löwenmut children's hospice is another initiative of the Wiesbaden-based IFB Foundation, whose aim is to improve the living conditions of people with special needs at every stage of their lives. At the children's hospice in South Africa, nurses and social workers care for families with seriously ill and severely disabled children. The facility in Klipriver near Johannesburg provides a second home for 40 children. Right next to the children's hospice, construction began in 2017 on the new "Sun", a bright, barrier-free, and child-friendly house in the shape of a sun, to create new "rooms for dreamers" at Löwenmut Children's Hospice.

The new "Sun" building project was financed, among other things, from the proceeds of the children's book "Kiko's Laughter". Here, the ambassador and author, Nadia Doukali, tells the touching story of Kiko, a child with Down syndrome. Other main characters are the jellyfish, the seahorse, the lion, the cactus and the spider. They are at the center of an enchanting story of acceptance of difference, love and laughter. The book was illustrated with exceptionally beautiful drawings by Chloe Dolic. syracom contributed to the publication of the book and covered the printing costs. "Kiko's Laughter" can be purchased for a donation of at least 15 euros to benefit the Löwenmut Children's Hospice. The proceeds will go entirely to the new "Sonne" building in South Africa.

The first virtual Löwenmut Run: Incentive to exercise for the benefit of children

The first virtual Löwenmut Run took place in March 2021. This was organized by the IFB Foundation. The entry fees for the charity run were donated 100% to the Löwenmut children's hospice. Our employees supported our long-term partner by participating in the run. syracom paid the entry fees for all syracom runners.


Zwerg Nase: A Heart for Children

Since 2009, syracom has continuously supported the Zwerg Nase children's home with annual donations. The Zwerg Nase House cares for seriously ill children and relieves families in their care. With the donations, for example, excursions for the children with disabilities could be organized and necessary medical equipment and care beds could be purchased. In addition, it was also possible to fulfill personal wishes of the children and to finance additional relief days for families.

We want the dwarf nose children to have their joy. Since 2019, we have been fulfilling their Christmas wishes. Every employee gets involved in finding a child's dream gift, wraps it with love and deposits the gift under the syracom Christmas tree. And on Christmas Eve, all our gifts end up with the ZwergNase children and put a smile on their faces.


The new construction of the Zwerg Nase-Haus II will start in 2018. The architect has drawn up the project and the banks have pledged their support.

syracom sponsors the annual JBFOne, the IT congress of Fiducia & GAD IT AG. The sponsorship is used to support one of syracom's social projects. In previous years, the decision has been in favor of Zwerg Nase, a syracom partner of many years. Under the motto "Kicking for a good cause", the participants in the 2017 Soccer Cup once again scored numerous goals for the Zwerg Nase children. Active goal scoring was combined with social responsibility. The more goals, the better. For every goal scored, syracom donated 5 euros to the new construction of Zwerg Nase Haus II. The central task for Zwerg Nase is not only to provide loving and high-quality care for the children and support their families, but to also ensure a good future for the Zwerg Nase children as they grow up.

A total of 1,785 euros were scored and 1,415 euros were donated by the JBFOne participants. Once again, our CEO Joachim Raczek took the opportunity to double the sum: instead of 3,200 euros, a total of 6,400 euros was handed over to Sabine Schenk, Managing Director of the Zwerg Nase Stiftung. The amount goes directly to the children. Once they reach the age of 18, the Zwerg Nase children would theoretically have to move into a care home. Zwerg Nase House II closes this gap in care and enables the seriously ill, impaired and permanently ventilated children to keep their home at Zwerg Nase after they reach the age of 18 and continue to receive loving, high-quality care as young adults.

March 2021 Sabine Schenk reports: The Zwerg Nase children move into their new home. After almost 2 years of construction, the new building is finished. Instead of 29 children and young adults, 84 residents can now be cared for on 7 wards (6000 square meters). The staff spent weeks preparing everything to make the move as stress-free as possible. The residents have arrived smoothly and happily in their new home.

We are very happy for the Zwerg Nase children! We are proud to be able to contribute financially to this important project.


WorldSkills Germany e.V.: Motivating young people to achieve professional excellence

Since 2018, syracom has been supporting the association "WorldSkills Germany e.V.", which is part of an international network of organizations. Its aim is both to support young people in their career orientation and to promote their further education, as well as to improve public opinion about vocational training in general. Together with its members and partners, WorldSkills Germany e. V. is always on the lookout for new ways to awaken young people's passion for a profession and promote their aspirations for further training.

One of the central tasks of WorldSkills Germany e. V. is the implementation and further development of vocational competitions at all levels: regional, national and international. The organization shows the participants the possibilities of professional diversity and motivates them to perform at their best. Young skilled workers learn from the best in the world - while having fun at work.

Aktionkinderschutz: Prevention at elementary school

Prevention at elementary school:Action child protection

Child abuse is one of the worst and unfortunately most common crimes worldwide.Under the motto "For the good of the children", syracom has been supporting the Aktionkinderschutz e.V. association since 2012.

Equipping elementary school with teaching materials against child sexual abuse helps them to become more self-confident, to say "no" and to distinguish between "good and bad feelings", which protects them from abuse in their social environment or from strangers.

Helping in need: Bethania Children's Villages, Earthquake Victims, Malteser Hilfsdienst

In recent years, employees and management have repeatedly supported various social projects together.

Private donations from employees have typically been matched by the management. For example, the earthquake victims in Haiti and the children from the Bethania children's and youth villages in Eltville-Erbach were supported. As part of the 2015 summer party, a raffle was organized to benefit the social Catholic aid organization Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.. Here, too, the management doubled the proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets.


syracom employees give Bethanien children and young people presents for Christmas

In 2015, syracom decided not to give Christmas presents. Instead, the consultancy decided to once again help children in need. The budget for the gifts went to the Bethanien Kinder- und Jugenddörfer support association. Every year, the association provides almost €100,000 for school sponsorship. It also supports the purchase of equipment and materials as well as events at the children's and youth village.

Since 2017, syracom employees have been fulfilling the personal Christmas wishes of children from the Bethanien Children's Village in Eltville. Each child writes their wish on a star they have made themselves. The stars are given to us as Christmas tree decorations. Every syracom employee can choose a star, fulfill a child's wish, and bring a smile to that child's face.

It is important to us that each of the 80 or so children are given the confidence that their personality is valued by others and that it is important for someone to fulfill their wish. No wish star is forgotten on the syracom Christmas tree.

Black light theater for children and young people from the Eltville-Erbach children's village

Thanks to the syracom donation, 22 participants were able to work on a black light play under the guidance of the theater professionals in cooperation with JUSTUS Wiesbaden e. V., an association of theater artists from the Wiesbaden Young State Theater. Other children and young people from the Eltville-Erbach children's village were also able to get involved: For example, building the stage sets in the open workshop, designing costumes or looking after the technical equipment. Entertaining and exciting, with black light and full of color, the children and young people transformed the auditorium into a fairytale world at the final presentation, thrilled the audience and had a lot of fun in the process.

The theater camp gave the children and young people a full theater experience. It unleashed incredible creativity: they were able to immerse themselves in the world of theater, try things out and contribute their own ideas and skills to create something new together with the others. Everyone involved had a lot of fun, acquired new skills and their self-confidence was also boosted. A wonderful project that everyone really enjoyed.

Sports projects

VC Wiesbaden II: Sporting success out of passion

syracom has been the main sponsor of the VC Wiesbaden II girls since 2018 and their promotion to the second Bundesliga. Managing Director Joachim Raczek is personally committed to supporting the women's team and all employees in the surrounding area. He is well aware of what such a club means for everyone involved. After the coronavirus years and the associated demise of numerous clubs, it is important to provide local clubs with financial support. In turbulent times, club sport is an oasis of joy and emotion that people can draw on to lift themselves up. For both athletes and fans, sport is an outlet to escape the turmoil of everyday life and enjoy some quality time together. This must be preserved.

Inspired by the sense of community at VC Wiesbaden II, syracom will continue to provide financial support in the coming years.

Rhine River Rhinos: Being there for each other, breaking down barriers

syracom has been supporting the Rhinos on their way to the Olympics of international wheelchair basketball since the 2018/19 season. By reaching the playoffs last season, they came a step closer to this goal. They put up a fierce fight against the favorites from Thuringia and can be proud of their performance. Now it's time to look ahead and start the new season with renewed vigor at the end of September. The boys and girls can rely on the support of syracom.


Handball team TV 1844 Idstein: Together to success

syracom has been supporting the first men's handball team of TV 1844 Idstein since 2018. This traditional club, which has existed for 180 years, provides a home for many people in the region. It is therefore a matter of honor for syracom to support the men's team financially.


Turnverein Waldstraße: Training together

syracom has been a partner of the gymnastics club since 2009. Starting with the sponsorship of a team bus to transport the young athletes, the commitment has now been ongoing for 14 years. The aim was to give low-income children and young people the opportunity to take part in club training and associated tournaments. And the work is bearing fruit: athletes from TV Waldstraße have often finished in the top places at state and German championships.


Environmental projects

Orchard meadow sponsorship

Orchard meadow - a sponsorship that bears fruit

Since Christmas 2010, syracom has been the proud sponsor of a meadow orchard in Wiesbaden-Freudenberg. Under the motto "giving a piece of nature as a gift", our customers and employees were presented with a certificate of sponsorship for a meadow orchard.

After our orchard meadow team had mowed the meadow, the patron, Mayor Arno Goßmann, gave the official go-ahead for the new orchard meadow on November 18, 2011. The planting concept for this was specially created by a pomologist, as the preservation of old regional fruit varieties should be the main focus. In a joint campaign, syracom consultants then planted 20 fruit trees on the "Am Freudenberger Hang" site provided by the city of Wiesbaden. The meadow is now regularly tended and cared for. Annual pruning events are held in cooperation with the Wiesbaden Orchard Circle. Here, interested employees learn how to prune fruit trees professionally in order to optimize the yield.

Orchard meadows are of particular importance nowadays. They not only support the ecological wealth of our region, but also provide a habitat for endangered animals and plant species. They also produce a variety of delicious fruit specialties. Our orchard is a piece of nature and a sponsorship that bears fruit. This sponsorship was also the first step towards our sustainable carbon offsetting.

syracom Vineyard

syracom has had its own vineyard since 2005. The production of wine is certainly not one of the core competencies of a consulting company, but this commitment reflects its roots in the Rhine-Main/Rheingau region. 

The vineyard is located in the municipality of Oestrich and is a single vineyard in the German wine-growing region of Rheingau. This is where the regional classic is grown - the Rheingau Riesling. Because Riesling is more than just a wine - Riesling is a passion. The south-facing vineyard covers 152 hectares of vines on medium to deep clay and loess soils. We rely on the more than 360 years of experience of Weingut Bickelmaier in the care of the vineyard and the production of the wine. Another positive aspect is the compensation of CO2, which is becoming increasingly important.

Bee sponsorship

syracom likes to get involved in ecological and nature-related measures in the region. It was clear to us that sponsoring a piece of nature and taking long-term responsibility for it would do much more for the environment than a one-off campaign. We created the basis for this by planting our own meadow orchard. The meadow orchard in Wiesbaden-Freudenberg is now not only a protected home for endangered species, but also an ideal habitat for bee colonies. 

In 2014, syracom decided to create a vital home for the bees and took over the sponsorship of 6 bee colonies. The bees have settled in well in recent years and round off the sustainable and near-natural concept of the orchard. They contribute to the well-being of the fruit trees in our orchard and thus also to the sustainable O2 compensation of syracom. The bees reward us with harvested honey. Both employees and customers can enjoy this honey.

The project is supported by Imkerverein Wiesbaden e.V.: the bees are looked after by a beekeeper from the association. Interested employees take an active part in the main beekeeping activities. The Imkerverein Wiesbaden e.V. receives financial support from us for its "Bees in the classroom" project in elementary school to teach children about nature and nature conservation. The children can observe bee dancing, brood rearing and honeycomb building on a daily basis. After six months, the pupils are already internal experts. They know how bees live, how they perceive their environment, how they communicate with each other, what "professions" they have in their lives and how they produce honey.


Stadt Wiesbaden - Goldene Lilie 2022

Handelsblatt - Fair Company 2023

emotion banking - Wirtschaft.Kultur.Preis für positive - energiegeladene Kultur 2018

"The Rhine River Rhinos actively assume social responsibility and are committed to a wide range of social issues. For example, we regularly offer school projects on the topic of inclusion, cooperate with accident clinics to support people who have had accidents and are committed to improving accessibility. However, none of this would be possible without our partnership with companies such as syracom. Here too, social responsibility is part of our corporate philosophy. With this support at our side, we can continue to help make the world a better place."

Mirko Korder

Management & Sponsoring, Rhine River Rhinos

"Excellence out of passion. Skills without social values are worthless to us." I got to know all this and more every time I came into contact with syracom. My area - seriously ill children. The difference could not be greater and yet we are so close. In our guiding principles, which we live by every day. Without passion and social values, our work and care for our special children would not be possible. Meeting equal partners is a gift, as is syracom's incredible support for the Zwerg Nase Haus. This year syracom celebrates its 20th anniversary. All the best from the bottom of our hearts. Continued successful ideas, the usual competence and quality - WE - have long been convinced!

Sabine Schenk

Geschäftsführerin, Zwerg Nase Stiftung

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