Social involvement

Passion for good causes

Our commitment is not limited to working hours. We want to go further with our success. Social involvement has a very special meaning for syracom and its employees. For years we have been supporting various social projects.

IFB Foundation

Inclusion - variety and excitement

The IFB Foundation rewards extraordinary inclusion projects with the "Inclusion award". The award calls for submissions annually for projects which change certain aspects of everyday in an irreversible manner. The Inclusion award was handed out for the first time in 2015. Due to the positive response, the geographical basis was expanded to all of South Hessen in 2016.
syracom has supported this successful initiative from the beginning. First simply as sponsor, then in the next year also as active member of the jury in the selection of the winner of the 2ns Inclusion award.

Children's Hospital Löwenmut - "Kiko's Laughter"

The Children's Hospital Löwenmut is an initiative of the IFB Foundation in Wiesbaden. Its goal is to improve the living conditions of people with special needs in every phase of life.

In the children's hospital, the nurses and social workers take care of families with terminally ill and severely disabled children. The installation in Klipriver near Johannesburg offers a second home to 40 children.

In "Kiko's Laughter", the author relates a touching story about Kiko - a child with Down's syndrome - and the acceptance of being different. syracom was able to support the book project to help finance the Löwenmut Children's Hospital. You can get the book for a donation of at least 15 Euros. 100% of the revenue goes to the new construction of the Children's Hospital in South Africa.


A sponsorship that bears fruit – our mixed fruit meadow at the Freudenberg

Since Christmas 2010, syracom has been the proud sponsor of a mixed fruit meadow in Wiesbaden-Freudenberg. Under the motto "give a piece of nature" our customers and employees gave a mixed fruit meadow sponsorship certificate as a present.

After our fruit meadow team had mowed the grass, on 18.11.2011 the patron, mayor Arno Goßmann, officially opened the planting of the mixed fruit meadow. The basis for this was a planting concept especially developed by a pomologist for this purpose in which the focus lay on the preservation of aboriginal regional fruit types. The project was performed in cooperation with the environmental agency of the state capital Wiesbaden. Read the complete article about the planting event in the Wiesbadener Kurier.

Mixed fruit meadows are especially important today. They not only support ecological richness of our region but also provide additional habitats for endangered animals and plants. They also produce a variety of delicious fruit specialties. Our mixed fruit meadow is a piece of nature and a sponsorship that bears fruits.

A soft spot for children

Once again this year, syracom supported the children's house ZWERG NASE which cares for families with handicapped and chronically ill children with a donation of € 1,000. On occasion of Summer Fest 2010 at ZWERG NASE, Roswitha Steier presented the symbolic check to the chairman of the booster club, Jost Körte. The money, which was collected during a basketball shooting event for customers, will help provide garden furniture for the garden area of the Zwerg Nase house.



In 2017, syracom was once again a sponsor at the JBFOne, the IT congress of the Fiducia & GAD IT AG in Munich.
Under the motto "Kick off for a good cause", the participants played soccer at the soccer cup during the evening event in order to achieve the highest possible sponsoring amount. Active kicking combined with social responsibility. The more goals, the better. For each goal, syracom donated € 5 to the new construction project ZwergNase II. In total, € 1,785 worth of goals were scored and € 1,415 was donated by the participants of the JBFOne.
Joachim Raczek, CEO of syracom, doubled the total from € 3,200 to € 6,400. Last week, the check was handed over to Sabine Schenk (Managing Director of ZWERG NASE) at the syracom Christmas celebration.

It was donated directly to the children! The Zwerg NASE House II closes a gap, since the children must move to a retirement home for care after they turn 18. The ZWERG NASE House II closes this gap and gives children and young adults a home. This means that severely ill, disabled, and/or children on permanent ventilation never have to leave their home.



For our children's welfare!

Child abuse is one of the worst and most common crimes world-wide. Under the motto "for our children's welfare", syracom supports the association Aktionkinderschutz e.V. Our support makes the project prevention classes in elementary schools possible.

Equipping elementary schools with educational materials against sexual abuse of children helps them become more confident, to say "No", or even to be able to distinguish "good feelings from bad ones", which may be able to save them from abuse in their social environment.

Clothes make the man

New jerseys for the junior sport

On 05.11.2011, with the new jerseys sponsored by syracom, TV Petterweil's E-youth handball team coached by Victoria Robus and Alexander Koch was able to win their first game this season in the 3-on-3 form of the game.

Up to this point the young Petterweiler players had to leave the wins to their partially physically and often athletically superior opponents. In the home game against the TV Hofheim the team met an opponent at the same level. Even if the young team from Wetterau was having fun playing handball they had great expectations from this game. This was then also a good opportunity to put the hip yellow jerseys on for the first time.

The TVP dominated the first half and was ahead 5:2 after 7 minutes - which they carried to a comfortable 10:5 at half-time. TV Hofheim did not give up and worked hard to close the gap in the second half. Only in the last few minutes was TVP able to secure the 18:14 final result. After counting the goals and scorers, the team from Petterweil celebrated its first victory. Final score: 108:84

  • For more information about the club go here.

Turn 1 into 2: Bethania children's villages, victims of earthquakes, and more

In past years, our employees and management have time and again supported various social projects together. As a rule, the private donations by employees were generally matched by management. For instance, we raised support for the earthquake victims in Haiti and created a sponsorship for Bethania children’s villages (2008). During the Summer Fest 2015, we organized a raffle to benefit the Malteser Hilfsdienst. Once again, the management matched the revenue from the sale of raffle tickets.

In 2015 syracom decided to forgo Christmas presents and instead sent aid to children in need. The budget for the presents went to the booster club of the Bethania children's and youth villages. The non-profit booster organization supports children and adolescents who had a difficult start in life and live in difficult circumstances.

syracom employees give Christmas gifts to Bethanien children and adolescents

The Bethanien Children's Village Eltville provides a home to about 80 children and adolescents who are unable to grow up with their birth parents for various reasons. This year, syracom organized a gift collection to brighten these children's day a little bit with a small Christmas gift.

Every child in the Children's Village was able to make a wish for Christmas. These wishes were collected and written on little stars they themselves crafted. syracom displayed these stars as decorations on the Christmas tree in the lobby.  Employees at syracom could take one of these stars to fulfill one of the wishes the children had made. Each wish was fulfilled. We would like to thank our colleagues for getting all these gifts. 

This way these children, who can no longer live at home with their parents, had something to smile about for Christmas.

Getting and staying fit

Our cooperation with the Wiesbaden Gymnastics Club VTW Wiesbaden stands under the motto "Getting and staying fit". Here too, the focus lies on team work. Once a month, the syracom team receives running instruction from one of the club coaches. In return, syracom finances participation in club practices and tournaments for lower-income children and adolescents.

We are happy that our involvement makes it possible to acquire things such as a new club bus and that the young athletes in "our" club can be found at the top of state and German championships.


Aid for Ukraine

Together with the partnership association “Wiesbaden-Schierstein Kamenez-Podolski” syracom loads up trucks twice a year filled with aid articles donated by the citizens of Wiesbaden. 2010 will already mark the 34th aid convoy to Ukraine. We don’t mind getting to work for projects like this.

Fun and team spirit are important to people!

syracom has been support the non-profit association Special Olympics Hessen e.V. since 2015. The association offers a wide-ranging and contemporary selection of sports to children and adults with mental disabilities. In Hessen alone, this program includes 28 different Olympic disciplines. The idea behind this: sports enhances the life quality of people with mental disabilities and allows them social recognition and integration.

The support gives the young athletes ideal conditions to perform their sport and allows them to participate in sporting events. Regular training and participation in sporting events helps them develop their physical fitness and motor skills.
With your help, syracom would like to make another contribution to their integration. The project is a perfect fit for syracom, since we also believe that fun and team spirit are important!

syracom vineyard

syracom has been cultivating its own vineyard since 2005. While wine production is certainly not one of the core competences of a consulting company, this commitment reflects syracom's roots in the Rhein–Main/Rheingau area.

The vineyard lies in the municipality of Oestrich and has a unique position in the German Rheingau cultivation region. The grape variety being cultivated there is a regional Rheingau classic: Rheingau Riesling. Riesling is more than just a wine – Riesling is a passion. The south-facing vineyard consists of 152 hectares of medium to deep clay and loess soil. We have entrusted the care of the vineyard and wine production to the more than 360 years of experience of the Bickelmaier winery.

bee sponsorship

syracom likes to be active in ecological and nature-related projects in the region. The first step was to create our own meadow orchard. This meadow orchard in Wiesbaden-Freudenberg also provides the ideal habitat for bees.

For this reason, syracom decided in 2014 to create a home for a few bee hives and sponsored 6 bee hives. From bees to fruit – to us, bees are more than honey. The bees have settled in quite well over the last few years and now round out the sustainable and natural concept of the meadow orchard. The project is supported by the Beekeeper Association Wiesbaden, which also cares for the bees. Interested employees are welcome to participate actively in essential beekeeping activities throughout the year. In the meantime, two junior beekeepers help care for the hives. As a result of the sponsorship, syracom receives the honey harvested from the bees to be enjoyed by employees and customers.



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