ITAM Survey 2014 FAQ

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Survey 2014

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the primary goal of the survey?
    The main objective of the survey is to summarize essential and objective information about ITAM software capabilities as of 2014.

  2. What benefits can my company and I draw from the survey?
    The survey offers tool vendors a broad picture on different domain-specific requirements an ITAM software support should meet. It further gives them a nonbiased synopsis whether and to which extent their solution already fulfills these requirements. Lastly, vendors can directly compare their tool with other market solutions while improving their overall market visibility.

    From a customer perspective the survey represents a comprehensive decision support when it comes to an introduction of an ITAM software tool. Thanks to the consolidated information on the different tool specifications including the vendor’s profile, customers can quickly select the software that perfectly suits their needs and may follow-up with the according vendor.

  3. Why does SYRACOM conduct the survey?
    As a tool-independent business and IT consultancy founded in 1998 SYRACOM carries out market and software studies in regular intervals. For example, the owner-managed company published the Enterprise Architecture Management Tool Survey and the Banking Survey in 2013 receiving highly positive feedback from international participants as well as readers.

    SYRACOM selects the subject of the study in accordance with its projects. The reason to survey a certain topic results from SYRACOM clients who seek to solve a specific problem. In the case of IT asset management, SYRACOM currently supports the tool evaluation and selection process at an international manufacturing corporation.

  4. What happens to my provided information?
    The data entered in the survey form is documented into a consolidated and structured form compiled within a single report. Upon survey closing date, SYRACOM composes the resulting document and provides it afterwards to the participating vendors. During a two weeks revision phase vendors are asked to review the report and approve the tool being part of the final survey document. After the feedback has been incorporated, SYRACOM publishes the survey on its website as a freely available download document.

  5. Does the survey rate or evaluate my ITAM tool solution?
    Similar to previous tool studies at SYRACOM, the survey refrains from positive or negative opinions about the examined software solutions. Consequently, main focus is put on business and technical tool features a certain ITAM solution can provide to (potential) users.

  6. How much time do I have to spend to participate in the survey?
    In order to obtain a differentiated view while maintaining a board scope, SYRACOM prepared 98 questions touching distinct aspects of an ITAM tool solution. Based on our pretests we assume that between 45 and 60min are absolutely sufficient to fill-out the entire survey. Due to dispersed product knowledge possibly needed to respond to the various survey questions, some additional coordination time might add to this number. SYRACOM further recommends scheduling some review time used to reading and commenting on the draft version of the final document distributed in advance to the vendors.
  7. Do I have to complete the survey in one piece?
    Vendors may pause and resume the completion of the survey as many times as they want as long as the deadline is not exceeded. To continue on a later moment in time, the personal Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) has to be re-entered when accessing the website. Vendors have also the possibility to adjust the different answers they had given to previous question by just hitting on the survey back-button.

Feel free to contact Dr. Christopher Schulz (Christopher.Schulz(at), Senior Consultant at SYRACOM, for any further questions.