PINQ Case Management

Efficient Business Cases

Every year companies invest huge amounts of money in order to automate their business cases. Since these cases don't always follow the same processes employees must react flexibly to individual business transactions.

Depending on each case, specific processes apply. In many cases these processes are performed manually or semi-automatically, require a lot of information, and thus are cost drivers that require a high level of resources.

syracom provides the solution to these challenges with PINQ - Process INQuiries Management Solution.

  • PINQ is an integrated and configurable system for workflow-based control and processing of queries and complaints about transaction processes.
  • PINQ reduces processing expenditures while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction – through shorter processing times, lower error rates, and a processing status that can be followed at any time.
  • PINQ generates an electronic file in which business processes, related documents, messages and data per case are combined and forwarded to the responsible staff member in an automated way.
  • PINQ combines different communication media and bridges the gap between SWIFT MT and MX Messages as well as e-mails.

PINQ is another IT solution that supplements syracom’s technical expertise in the area of Exceptions und Investigations for secure and quick query management.

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