New syracom app: digital Team Radar for Confluence

New syracom app: digital Team Radar for Confluence

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The new syracom app Team Radar is now available on the Atlassian market place. The app makes it possible to visualize a digital retrospective of a team in Confluence at the push of a button.

Everyone who has worked on agile projects before, knows the variety of retrospective techniques that are used. They certainly have both positive and negative aspects for the user.

For the continuous improvement of work results, the team jointly determines successes and negative aspects in the project / team using a retrospective. Success depends on many factors. In addition to the fun and entertainment factor, the chosen approach must provide sufficient insights into the past (e.g. the last sprint). Also essential for success is acceptance in the team. syracom has been using the "Team Radar" in its "analogue" form to evaluate teams in projects for five years. The team members assess various aspects of their work (tangible and intangible) and the “Team Radar” visualizes the cumulative results in the form of a spider-web graph.

syracom has now developed the "Team Radar” plugin for Confluence. This digital version of the familiar "Team Radar” methodology now delivers coordination results at the push of a button and saves precious preparation and follow-up time. The time planned for the retrospective can be utilized optimally since less time has to be spent on organizational matters – instead, one can focus on the essential.

How does the digital Team Radar work?

Before every retrospective, the team members evaluate the different aspects online in Confluence. The individual coordination processes are then analysed automatically and a trend analysis performed across individual coordination processes to visualize the time sequence of what has been achieved so far. The plugin offers comprehensive configuration possibilities and can be easily adapted to the individual needs of a team.

The "Team Radar for Confluence" app can be obtained on the Atlassian market place under

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