EBAday is just around the corner: syracom will be there again, this time off to Lisbon.

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From 18-19 June, our payment transaction specialists will meet industry experts in Lisbon to exchange ideas and view. The EBAday is well established and one of the leading events in payment transactions.

The EBAday is well established and one of the leading events in payment transactions. Every year, executives from the banking industry meet at the summit to share their expertise and discuss current topics, innovations, best practices, and trends in payment transactions. We are very much looking forward to the lively exchange on topics such as Instant Payments and ISO 20022 as well as the introduction of the digital euro as a retail CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

A look at the topics that are currently driving syracom:

  • ISO 20022 / CBPR+: Starting some years back ISO 20022 is turning into the global standard for all payment systems. Migration completed? What are banks still missing in the final sprint?
  • Instant Payments und Verification of Payee: VoP is one of the most difficult requirements of the recently published regulation for instant bank transfers. There is a number of stumbling blocks that need to be removed before putting viable solutions into place. But how?
  • Request-to-Pay: Could this be the product that takes Instant Payments to the next level?
  • Digital Euro / CBDC: In October 2023, the Governing Council of the ECB launched the preparatory and trial phase for the digital euro. What will be the implications for commercial banks?
  • Liquidity management for banks and other financial institutions: How far are banks on their path to real intraday liquidity management?
  • Future payment schemes (EPI, SWIFT Go etc.): Let’s talk about the outlook of the industry.

Let’s talk about PINQ, the syracom made case management and payments solution which provides banks with high added value in process automation:

  • PINQ Exceptions & Investigations – streamlined approach to Investigation Management via ISO20022 including Community Pilot and Closed User Group from Nov 2024 (camt.110/camt.111) – get familiar, get ready and implement!
  • PINQ Charges & Billing  - including mandatory ISO20022 changes for Nov 2024 (camt.105/camt.106) to manage incoming and outgoing charges transparently and automatically

TMeet us at EBAday to find out more about our latest solutions and consulting approaches. We look forward to an exciting exchange with you.

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