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07.04.2014 ITAM Tool Survey: Mastering hardware & software

07.April.2014 EAM

Motivated by the high interest in the Enterprise Architecture Tool Survey 2013, Syracom decided to conduct another comprehensive software study in Q1/ 2014.

This time, the systematic analysis of the German firm focused on IT Asset Management (ITAM). IT assets denote any form of hardware and software that an employee uses at its working place, for instance notebooks, smartphones or business applications. Facing always shorter product lifecycles, rising device diversification, as well as trends like “bring-your-own-device”, companies are increasingly compelled to manage their IT assets in an economical and provident manner. However, given the sheer number of hardware and software within an organization, efficient and error-free ITAM requires a sophisticated tool base.

In examining 6 different tools of specialized as well as international vendors by means of a 98-criteria survey, Syracom demonstrates to which extent and level of detail current solutions fulfill important ITAM requirements.

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