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04.02.2013 TOGAF® Study Guide (Certified)

02.February.2013 EAM

Tips and tricks to pass the TOGAF® 9.1 certified exam.

On this page you find a step-by-step approach complemented by several pieces of advice for preparing the TOGAF® 9.1 Certified Exam („Part 2 Exam“, OG0-092). The information provided refers to the computer-based test hosted by the US-company Prometric.  All tips rely on the experience we made when successfully passing the exam here in Germany in early 2013. Feel free to send us any further advice, improvement suggestions, and remarks regarding the exam via . Good luck!


  • The majority of the preparation material as well as the exam are available in English language only.
  • Even though the combined foundation/certified exam is cheaper, it is also riskier. In case one out of the two fails, both exams have to be repeated.
  • To pass the exam with flying colors an in-depth understanding of TOGAF® 9.1 is required. In comparison, the Foundation Exam („Part 1 Exam, OG0-091) can be considered a "Warm-Up".

Exam preparation

  1. Thoroughly read the TOGAF® Certified Study Guide (~240 pages) and perform the exercises at the end of each chapter.
  2. Carry out the trial test ("Test yourself examination paper", 31 pages) that is included in the Certified Study guide. Stick to the real test conditions.
  3. Close any knowledge gaps by extensively study TOGAF® 9.1 – The Book (~690 pages). In particular, memorize the book’s structure.
  4. Perform additional preparation tests (cf. further study material). Go through the questions with care. Subdivide the text in business context, situation Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), and problem (the concern).
  5. Register for the exam at Prometric, pay by credit card.

Exam execution

  • To pass the exam, at least 70% are necessary (28 of 40 possible points).
  • Besides pen and paper, TOGAF 9.1 – The Book is provided in PDF format (incl. full-text search) on the test-computer (open-book exam).
  • All non-native English speakers are granted 135min to complete the 8 questions. Although this comprises introduction to the test, this time is more than enough.
  • Working time continuous when interrupting the exam for a break (drinking,  bathroom).
  • Each question comes with 4 answers. Answers should be compared. Furthermore, it is advisable to filter out  TOGAF® “buzz words“ and check their existence, definition, and relation to the ADM using the provided book. Choose the answer that suits the most to the problem sketched in the question.
  • If two answers are very much akin, mostly one of them (often the longer version) is the right solution.
  • In case of uncertainty, it is wise to make use of the comment & markup function provided by the exam software and to proceed with the subsequent question.  
  • Each question should be answered given that there is no deduction in points for wrong answers. Often eliminating wrong answers help to narrow down the initial set to three or two possibilities.
  • Focus areas: Changing IT due to new business demands, ADM phases in particular stakeholder management, architecture principles, architecture artifacts, risk management.

Further study material

In case of questions, please feel free to contact our Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) expert .

Also consider to check out our TOGAF® Study guide (foundation). Please click on this link for further information about the topic EAM.


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