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02.07.2013 SEAM – a lightweight and goal-oriented framework to EAM

02.July.2013 EAM

As of 2013 there exist more than a dozen (mostly bulky and text-heavy) reference models and frameworks for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). To fit the needs of the specific client situation, these approaches often require a considerable adjustment and tailoring effort before eventually creating added value to the organization.

Published in a 30-pages whitepaper we explain SEAM, the EAM framework of Syracom. Based on 10 years of experience in EAM, SEAM allows for defining EAM problems and designing suitable solutions. The frameworks focuses on the accomplishment of quantifiable goals, thus, proves the benefit of EAM in concrete, measureable, and traceable manner.

We successfully applied the consistent, easy-to-grasp, and lightweight framework within different fields of industry. Thereby SEAM proved to be a perfect match for different EA tools.

If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the whitepaper, please send an e-mail with an empty message body to
SEAM[at] Also use this address for any feedback and suggestions you have regarding the SEAM framework.


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