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The biggest risk is
not to recognise it in time.

Proven solutions for integrated risk management

Fine, if everything goes as planned. But what if suddenly the account management software fails or a server with important customer data? Companies today already have to consider a myriad of risks, and the trend is rising. Inconsistent risk management can have far-reaching consequences for any organisation, blocking resources and resulting in immense costs.

Proper risk management enables companies to be proactive, identify problems promptly and set priorities. It ensures that day-to-day business continues to run smoothly and gives companies a decisive edge over the competition. Especially with complex corporate structures, it is important to think about risk holistically. A company's risk management only works as seamlessly as it is designed!



RSA Archer: the software that keeps an eye on everything

According to Gartner, the RSA Archer Suite is one of the top solutions for integrated risk management. It takes into account all possible sources of error simultaneously and also their interactions with each other. The software platform integrates the most diverse risks with a holistic solution approach and manages them centrally. With the RSA Archer Suite, you create a governance, risk and compliance environment in which all stakeholders communicate optimally with each other. This enables your risk management to work efficiently and avoids costs, unnecessary consumption of resources and unnecessary stress.

Your advantage with syracom: solutions that fit

syracom offers you an integrated approach and also accompanies you during the implementation: from the analysis to the requirements gathering to the subsequent implementation of the solution.

Customised solutions: Based on your initial situation, you will receive your suitable RSA solution. If your processes require it, we can also build a completely customised solution.

All-round carefree package: In addition, syracom offers complementary services. You don't have to look any further: Rollout planning, testing, application documentation, training, installation and maintenance support - it's all there.

Best practice in risk management. You get the individual solution from us.

RSA Archer Suite has automated industry-standard processes, implemented best practices and consolidated data from disparate sources. At the same time, the software helps you to easily comply with regulatory requirements. You can see all risks at a glance and make confident, informed decisions quickly. The RSA Archer Suite offers a wide range of use cases that are grouped into thematically appropriate solutions. However, existing "solutions" can also be adapted to your specific needs independently of the standard.

We are happy to support you in this: our certified RSA Archer professionals and business analysts design a process for you that fits your processes and your risk exactly. They then implement the software and support you with maintenance.


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