The fees go up, so do the queries: PINQ for Charges keeps track of your bank-to-bank fee requirements.

Banks process tons of payment transaction fee claims every day - including fees for OUR and non-STP payments, as well as those related to inquiries. PINQ for Charges is a solution for processing these bank-to-bank fee claims. PINQ provides the all-around view. This way, institutions don't lose sight of the level of fee requirements or upcoming regulatory changes, such as with SWIFT GO. With SWIFT Go, small businesses and consumers can transfer smaller amounts directly from their bank accounts across borders to anywhere in the world.

Quickly and easily realize your advantage with PINQ

Simplified charge process through automation

High efficiency and risk minimization in fee processing

Cost savings in the processing of charges

Improvement of the customer service

Flexible support of relationship management in the event of condition changes

Complete transparency for incoming and outgoing charges, as well as precise generation of payment and booking instructions.

Revenue generation in the back office

Stay on top of new regulatory and market changes such as SWIFT Go

PINQ Charges overcomes a number of business challenges:

  • analyzes each claim to verify the accuracy and validity of the underlying payment
  • standardizes the submission of fee requests 
  • ensures compliance with the various agreed terms and conditions between banks and their counterparties for receivables received and issued. For example: payment amount, number of transactions, including SWIFT Go business terms and conditions
  • reconciliation of incoming receivables with those that have already been paid or settled
  • applying a transparent procedure in case of discrepancies between own calculation and that of the counterparty
  • enables efficient creation of reports for the charge process (MIS) to monitor the size and quality of claims sent and received



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Marc Claas

Product Manager PINQ