Business Process Management

Designing business processes flexibly

Digital business processes are an essential component of the digital transformation. Internal processes must be adapted to new information and communication techniques, employees networked, and mobile and web platforms created. This increases the requirements for flexible process architectures by several factors.

But exactly these new approaches and innovations form the digital path to the new type of customer who is demanding, well informed, and strongly networked.

In addition, one must manage regulatory hurdles as part of business process compliance. Other innovative approaches, such as enterprise architecture management (EAM), requirements management, case management, or big data may not miss from an integrated business process management. A high level of complexity which the companies must get a handle on.

Improving processes continuously

Whether the goal is to decrease costs, increase profits, or increase quality and efficiency: refined business process management must improve all processes continuously, supported by a digital strategy. A high degree of digitization creates a strong flow of information. This makes businesses more economical.

Become a digital leader

The area of business process management is of central importance to Syracom: we support our customers directly in the optimization of all segments of their value-added chain. We quickly deliver all control information in order to be able to adapt all processes to their strategy and customers.

Just how successful optimized business processes can be is demonstrated by the "Retail Workbench" process, which was designed and developed jointly with DZ BANK and won the Best Process Award 2016. more information

  • Optimise business process architecture
  • Prozessoptimierung (Beratung)
  • Prozessautomatisierung mit RPA

BEST PRACTICE and neutral advice

Only those who constantly optimise their professional and technological structures will continue to operate sustainably in the future. syracom's many years of practical experience make it an ideal partner for optimising business processes and introducing successful business process management. Through our BEST PRACTICE APPROACHES, but also through our neutral consulting independent of standards and manufacturers, we guarantee you a purely application-oriented, company-specific solution - all from one source.

Your benefit

Together we set up your business areas in a customer- and process-oriented way. In this way, you are always in a position to optimally control all relevant processes and align them with the strategic corporate goals.

Consulting on process optimization - our services

  • Continuous consideration of the action system from business processes to IT support and consulting for process optimization
  • Implementation of goal-oriented changes in processes
  • Reorganization of tasks, processes and structures
  • Technical specification and test management for supporting applications

We tackle the causes, not the symptoms. Your employees work hand in hand with our consultants on all process changes. This creates mutual trust during consulting and process optimization. The result: a high level of acceptance of all renewals in your company.

Your benefit

We aim at the sustainable optimization of measurable variables such as process costs, quality, service and speed. The immediate reduction in throughput time and the associated improvement in adherence to delivery dates ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction.

In the process landscape of companies, you often find time-consuming and cost-intensive processes that tie up employee capacities. With RPA, you can easily automate repetitive, time-consuming processes that follow fixed rules. Processing time is shortened and employees are given new freedom for more complex activities. Read more


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