20 years of syracom - 20 years HEARTBEET

With heart, mind, and commitment

Passionate, as partners, and human: these are the basic values of syracom – and our employees see this the same way. We surveyed them when we were looking for a suitable anniversary motto. Statements and ideas like "authentic", "This is where I am a human", "Understand together, stand strong together", or "20 years and we're doing well" are contained in the anniversary motto of syracom: 20 years of syracom – 20 years of heart beat – a combination of the commitment and passion of our employees and what is essential about the Business Efficiency Engineering (bee) company syracom. Roll up your sleeves, get things moving, find solutions – feel the pulse of the times.

IT and Business together

The starting gun was fired in a small law form in Wiesbaden. On July 7, 1998, Joachim Raczek signed the founding agreement for the syracom Software AG. The company with its 4 employees offers consulting services in the IT field and software solutions. Two years later, the syracom Consulting GmbH is founded, completing the consulting services in the field of business processes.
Today, syracom has 180 employees, annual sales of € 21 million, about € 3 million in equity capital, four locations in Germany, and a subsidiary in Switzerland. In 2012, syracom became part of the Consileon Group through a strategic partnership with Consileon. The joint consulting services provides customers with bundled competences from strategy to process consulting and all the way to implementation.

Projects and Awards

The first project, for which syracom was actually founded, was the development and prototyping of the idea of a flexible work frontend for the employees of the Volks- und Raiffeisenbank in 1998. Since then, the company has successfully implemented projects for banks, insurances, telecommunications companies, and the car and logistics industries. 

This is confirmed by the many awards that syracom has received. Already in 2007, the consulting firm received the "Fast 50 Technology Award". This was followed in 2008 by the "Great Place to Work" award and in 2017 by the "Wirtschaft Kultur Preis". Since 2015, syracom finds itself among the best consultants in Germany every year – a statement based on surveys of companies and competitors. 

More than anything else, this award shows that syracom likes to think long-term and values long-term customer relationships. This is more important to the employees and the founder Joachim Raczek than short-term, fleeting success.

Social commitment

The willingness to shoulder responsibility is also reflected in the social commitment of the company. Since 2005 syracom has been mainly focused on three areas: social projects, sports, and environmental protection. Like everything else, syracom and its employees tackle this responsibility with heart, mind, and commitment.

Just donating money is not enough – personal commitment is just as important. For instance in 2017, syracom employees sent Christmas packages for the children in a Children's Village in the Rheingau region, participated in a monthly running course provided by the Waldstraße sports club in Wiesbaden (sponsored by syracom), and have been taking care of a meadow orchard in Wiesbaden-Freudenberg since 2010, which syracom sponsors.

"Passion for excellence! Skills are pointless to us without social values." I was able to learn this and much more during every contact with syracom. My field – seriously ill children. The difference between us could not be greater and yet we are so close to each other. In our motives, which we bring to our everyday lives. Our work and care for special children would also not be possible without passion and social values. Meeting an equal partner is a gift, as is the incredible support of syracom for the Zwerg Nase House. syracom is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. All the best! And continue with your successful ideas, your competence, and your quality – WE have been fans for a long time!

Sabine Schenk

Managing Director, Zwerg Nase Foundation
  • bee fair - Fair Company award
  • syracom receives "Fair-Company" award and is thus now also officially an employer with fair rules for students and starting professionals.
  • bee* part of it - syracom Consulting GmbH founded, opening of Munich branch
  • Foundation of syracom Consulting in Wiesbaden by Günther Jakobi. The focus of Consulting lies in supplementing business process consulting to the IT consulting of the syracom Software AG.
  • At the same time, syracom moves to the south and opens the Munich branch.
  • bee* connected - syracom "The Business and IT Architects"
  • The group positions itself as "The Business and IT Architects" and thus combines the two business areas of IT consulting with business consulting into one joint consulting program.
    • bee* smart - The software solution PINQ is created
    • In August, the syracom solution PINQ goes live and replaces the former legacy system of the Commerzbank Cowin as Cowin-Web.
    • bee* aware - Expansion of management board of syracom Consulting
    • In the beginning of April, Natascha Schwarz becomes CEO of syracom Consulting*. At syracom, she realizes her philosophy of customer-oriented sales in a small, agile company.
    • bee* growing - One of the fastest-growing consulting companies
    • Due to strong sales growth, syracom receives the Fast 50 Technology Award.
    • bee* proud of it - Best employer turns 10
    • syracom is recognized as one of the top employers in Germany. At the same time, the business and IT consultant celebrates its successful growth over the last 10 years.
    • bee* Swiss - Expansion into Switzerland
    • In the beginning of March, the syracom Group opens a subsidiary in Zürich with the syracom Schweiz AG
    • bee* sucessfull - Automation of issuing processes
    • Together with the DZ BANK, syracom develops the "retail workbench". It governs the entire bank-internal work-flow in the area of issuing securities ad structured products and allows the bank to increase its issuing volume significantly. The solution supports the core area of the bank and is the result of many years of successful cooperation.
    • bee* partner - Consileon Group
    • syracom becomes part of the Consileon Group through a strategic partnership with Consileon.
    • bee the best - syracom among the top consulting firms
    • In the largest German survey among insiders and clients in the consulting industry, syracom receives the "Best Consultant" award. Of more than 15,000 firms active in Germany, 278 make it onto the list.
    • bee relaunched - syracom business efficiency enginnering
    • In March 2016, syracom obtained a new logo and the new web site was launched. The hexagon at the center of the logo now positions syracom as business efficiency engineering company.
      The hexagon is considered the most efficient and stable shape in nature.
    • bee the best - syracom is once again among the best consulting companies.
    • bee processes - award for successful processes in the finance industry
    • The process "Retail-workbench automation of issuing process for structured investment products" developed jointly by DZ BANK and syracom, was awarded the 3rd place from a total of 19 process submissions.
    • bee culture - Business.Cultur.Price award
    • Four segments make for a strong business culture: positive energy, purpose, power, and performance. syracom was able to top the poll benchmarks in the segment Positive Energy
    • to bee* or not to bee* - Company founded as syracom Software AG
    • Joachim Raczek founded the syracom Software AG in Wiesbaden on July 7, 1998. The company offers consulting services in the IT field and software solutions.