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Tips for applicants

Tips for a successful application

Your CV

  • Make sure that your contact information is complete and your e-mail address is respectable.
  • Personal data should include your date of birth, place of birth, and family status.
  • Is the CV organized in the correct order and are your individual stations described comprehensibly?
  • Are the time intervals stated in month and year format?
  • Did you clearly identify the emphasis of your studies and does it fit to our job description?
  • Did you list the correct company and company name?
  • Did you include bullet points to elaborate on your internships and other activities?
  • Did you participate in any "non-curricular activities"? Include them!
  • Continuing education: does it match the job description?
  • Did you focus on your technical know-how and soft skills?
  • Did you include your language and IT know-how?
  • Is the date correct and did you sign your CV?

Your cover letter

  • Make sure you have the right company address on your application.
  • When addressing a personal contact partner, make sure that the name is spelled correctly and any titles are listed.
  • Did you include the city and date on which it was written?
  • Are you referring to the right job posting?
  • Is your cover letter easy to read and properly formatted? (Paragraphs, font size, font, margins)
  • Did you spell-check it?
  • Did you sign your cover letter?
  • Did you address the requirement profile of the job sufficiently?
  • Soft skills: did you illustrate them with meaningful practical examples?
  • Does your cover letter help the reader compare the job and applicant profiles?
  • Notwithstanding all formal requirements, does the cover letter also reflect your own style?

You application portfolio

  • Did you scan all documents as one (at most two) files?
  • Is your cover letter customized to the position and the company?
  • Are your enclosures in the correct order?
  • If applicable: did you include your internship certifications?
  • If you have completed vocational training before studying: did you enclose copies of the training certificate or test results?
  • If you have worked after your training: did you include your job reference?
  • If applicable, did you include continuing education certificates which are relevant for the posted job?
  • Are there certificates for soft-skill training? (presentations, rhetoric, negotiation etc.)
  • If you have included extensive attachments, did you also compile a list of attachments?
  • Are the enclosed copies / scans of suitable quality?

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