Students about their deployment at syracom

Students about their deployment at syracom

Mentorship Master's thesis

Stefan Bussweiler, Studying for his Master's in IT at the Technical College Mittelhessen, Gießen:

In the fourth semester, I was is expected to compose my Master's thesis, which I wrote here at syracom in Wiesbaden. The thesis with the title "Design and Reference Application for Inter-Project Test Management" deals with the development of meta-models and the implementation of a reference application for test management across projects.

During my work, syracom provided me with a very flexible and attractive work environment. I was able to move between office and home-office and schedule my own working hours. I discussed the current status of my Master's thesis with my colleagues in regular meetings. I was able to improve my thesis with the help of their suggestions and tips. During my Master's thesis I was able to collect a lot of experience and develop personally. I would like to thank syracom and in particular mu colleagues for their great support during my work for the Master's thesis.

Internship and working student activity: Financial Services 2015

Julia Charles, Studying for her Bachelor's in "Insurance and Finance", University RheinMain, Wiesbaden:

My three-month internship and subsequent time as working student gave me a deep look into the inner workings of a consulting company. Receiving my own project which I completed together with a fellow intern gave me the opportunity to expand my professional qualifications and knowledge. During the implementation of the project I was able to profit from the knowledge and experience of my colleagues. My mentor Hendrik Kurz gave me a tremendous amount of support. He also gave me a lot of advice and ideas for the project. During my entire time at syracom I felt like an important part of a big team. The pleasant atmosphere in the company and my nice colleagues made it easy for me to find my footing.

In summary I would say I liked being a part of syracom. The internship and my time as working student were more than worth it for me. They contributed both to my professional and my personal development. I would recommend syracom to all students who would like to "dive" into the work of a consulting company. 

I would like to thank my colleagues one more time for their great support.

Support for bachelor’s thesis

Jennifer Niewidok, bachelor’s studies in applied computer science at the College of RheinMain, Wiesbaden

When I started as a working student at syracom AG in the fall of 2015, I got to know a company that is very committed in multiple ways. What I found particularly remarkable during my start was the warm welcome, as well as the very appreciative interaction with each other from the outset. Additionally, I was immediately given interesting tasks that challenged but didn’t overwhelm me. I was able to work autonomously and could still rely on getting help if I needed it.

I also finished the obligatory internship for my studies at syracom during the 2nd quarter 2016. At the moment (fall 2016), the company is supporting me in the work on my thesis. During the entire time, I was able to work at the home office or the branch at any time as needed. This meant that it was no problem to balance my studies, job and my child at the same time.

In summary, I can say that working at syracom is equally interesting and instructive while the work atmosphere is very pleasant and collegial. In conclusion, I would therefore like to thank the company and my colleagues for this very nice time together.

Opportunities for lateral movers

Manuel Herbert, Junior Business Consultant at syracom, Wiesbaden

syracom gave me, a former teacher, the opportunity to change my field of work and enter into the free economy. I received the first insights into the area of software testing in an upstream six-month internship at PINQ. In that time I was trained very professionally and my colleagues always gave me support if I had questions. I never had the sense that I was perceived as a lateral mover during that time.

On the first day at PINQ I was already fully integrated into the work processes and received tasks. Based on this good cooperation I was able to learn a lot and integrate myself quickly in my new work. The colleagues in the PINQ department are working at a high level, constantly acquiring the latest expertise and they own the newest versions of the standard software. I wholeheartedly adopted this agile and modern work method and still profit from it today. It gave me the best preparation for working for customers and I was able to look back on a solid foundation. The mentor who was assigned to me also took time for me outside of working hours to explain things to me. I was able to constantly improve myself through regular feedback. The human resources department advised me at several stages about which individual types of advanced training are important for my future desired career as a consultant. I was impressed by how many in-house training sessions are being organized regularly.

When I received the offer to extend the work relationship during the internship period, I didn’t have to consider for long. A company that recognizes and appreciates each employee, works highly professionally and also deals with interesting projects offered me the optimal conditions for finding my professional center. I have now worked as a junior consultant since 2016 and communicate the knowledge I received during my internship to new colleagues.

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