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Would you like 12 exciting months to explore the consulting world up close? When you get an idea of the broader picture with a medium-sized, agile consulting company, you’ll be optimally prepared and definitely won’t get bored.

Our trainee programmes do more than expand your specialist knowledge. You also build up a professional network and get a taste of various subjects and projects.

During the entire programme, you will be accompanied by an experienced mentor, with whom you can regularly share information. This mentor will be at your side with advice and support.

We tailor the trainee programme specifically and individually to your wishes with further selected training offers. So nothing will stand in the way of your career at syracom!

  • Human Resources
  • Organisational Development
  • Data Protection
  • Sales Service
  • Project and Consulting Work

How the trainee programme can be structured:

At your first station, you will learn about the facets of human resource management. As a central interface in the company, this is where you can expect many exciting topics and impressions.

To develop your communication and presentation skills, you will initially be assigned to employee recruitment (recruiting, personnel marketing, and much more). This gives you external contact with applicants where you get to know our internal representatives and their responsibilities.

As part of personnel development, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the different training options and learn what’s relevant for which role.

Research on various topics, the creation of texts in personnel marketing and the presentation of the company to the outside world will give you a first impression of later tasks in everyday consulting.


After your focus has been on the people in the organisation, we now deal with the processes and structure of our company.

You will assist with the documentation and description of various business processes, which gives you an even better overview of our structures. The collection of requirements and implementation of small test procedures for process optimisation enable you to gain further experience.

Job and role descriptions will already present your first points of contact with topics that become relevant later in the sales service. Analysing and updating the organisational and quality management manual are also part of your duties.


All stations in our trainee programme are interlinked and closely connected with the topic of data protection. This means that as part of your work at our company, you will also repeatedly come into contact with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here you can gradually build up your knowledge of this key topic and participate in regular data protection meetings. In this context, you will provide support with project tenders and customer audits. This gives you valuable connecting points to use in sales service.

Preparing, implementing and following up on the annual data protection audit will also help you gain insights into your later tasks in consulting.


Working in the sales service is ideal to get to know syracom’s sales processes.

During your time at our company, you will learn a lot about syracom’s consulting focus and have the opportunity to network with all of the company’s creators. You’ll be actively involved in the sales process and gain many varied insights into the different roles and tasks – by participating in the preparation of complex requests for proposals and offers, through presentations and even the planning of consultant assignments.

This way, the trainee programme can already give you your first impressions on which consulting topics are interesting for you and which success factors there are for tenders and project work.


The majority of your trainee programme is already done.

In the past months, you were able to get an idea of the structures, processes and different project roles.

By working on a project – internally or at a customer’s business – you will get to know real-life situations and can gain valuable experience in a possible future field of work.

This allows you to deepen your previous knowledge and get to know project management in the best possible way.

OrganisationalDevelopment HumanResources Data Protection Project andConsulting Work Sales Service

Impressions from our Trainee Programme

With the syracom trainee programme, I was able to get a foothold on the ground floor of the consulting industry and hit the ground running. By working at different stations, I experienced not only a variety of tasks, but the responsibility assigned to me also increased. Now I’m a permanent part of the data protection team and have been able to advance personally and professionally through training courses, seminars and continuing education.


after the Trainee Programme, now Consultant at syracom

I think it’s great that the trainee programme is flexibly targeted towards my interests. This enables me to set priorities at an early stage and advance my education in the areas in which I would like to start doing consulting work later. As a trainee, this gives me the opportunity to be involved in responsible and exciting tasks at a very early stage and to grow with them, thanks to the open feedback culture.


now Junior Consultant at syracom

At syracom, I was immediately drawn to the social commitment and corporate values. I decided on syracom because I liked the technical topics and insight into the company. It was also important to me that I could continue my education and gain practical experience. 


Trainee at syracom since March 2021

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