Competition drives innovation

Hardly any industry is influenced by as many factors as retail. Demanding consumers, always new competition, and strong suppliers exert consistently high pressure to innovate on companies. This dynamic has increased due to the progress of digitization. Sustainable, sales-oriented measures are thus essential. Customers today are well-informed and erratic. One can hold on to customers with innovative and technology-based customer-loyalty tools beyond classic bonus programs. In order to meet the needs and wishes of customers, the IT-based analysis of customer data has become a deciding factor.


Digitalization offers new opportunities

How can the large and quickly growing mass of customer data be optimally used by using Big Data technologies? How can the price sensitivity and the demands of consumers be harmonized with rising costs? With what technologies can digital sales channels be opened? How can the current business models of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers be expanded with new solutions, services, and processes?

syracom, together with Consileon, consults for retail companies in the design and introduction of organizational and technical solutions.

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