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The telecommunications sector belongs to one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding TIME markets. As a result of immense technological development, particularly in the telecommunications industry, fundamental change is taking place. Traditional paradigms are being challenged and new business opportunities are being created. Technological convergence (the alignment of fixed and mobile networks) has ruptured established value chains and structures and broken down existing boundaries.


Successful through new business models

To succeed in this environment it is necessary to reassess existing business models, processes, structures and their respective ICT infrastructures. The ability to constantly realign has become a strategic requirement.


Services and benefits

syracom designs the most appropriate application of solutions and ICT technologies in alignment with corporate strategies, demonstrating potential for optimization and developing and implementing new products and services then integrating these into existing system and process landscapes.

syracom’s focus centres around industry-specific expertise, with our consultants possessing solid knowledge and many years of experiences in these fields:

IDM Systems (Identity Management or Triple A)

In terms of IDM systems syracom supports clients in the development and operation of central, inter-departmental AAA systems for large user numbers.

With a focus on authentication, single-SignOn, and authorization of user access to IP-based services through diverse channels, such as web/portals, mobile clients (apps), IP TV, and IP Telephony. Syracom has also collected deep project experience in provisioning user data from back-ends into operative systems and monitoring these processes.

Customers receive high-end solutions at the right time. Despite short innovation cycles in the telecommunications industry, especially in the mobile internet sector, and the resulting demanding time-to-market requirements, solutions are provided on time. Take advantage of syracom’s technical expertise and professional project management that has been acquired over a large number of projects.


Connected home and smart car

Intelligent home technology – completely networked
Whether heating, security systems, or lighting – the intelligent networking of building technology, household, and entertainment systems with the internet is one of the hot trend topics in digitalization. Everything communicates with everything, all areas of life are networked with each other online and in constant dialog – the "internet of things" penetrates business and society.

It is no longer just one computer which measures, regulates, navigates, calculates, researches, documents, and communicates with us but many everyday devices have received their own technological life. The goal: managing, controlling, and automating them with different functions, simply and reliably, based on uniform communication standards which work across brands and devices.

The industry association Bitkom expects that by 2020 there will be at least one million households in Germany  in which residents monitor fridges, baby monitors, or A/Cs with smart technologies via the internet. Comfortably controlled per smartphone, tablet, or remote control, home owners especially want easy-to-use solutions with a high security standard.

Automobile connectivity services in the driver's seat
Even cars are increasingly smart and connected. Equipped with internet, they are supposed to make driving more fun and safer. Benefit for the industry: they get closer to their customers digitally. Maintenance and repair recommendations, location-specific services, traffic congestion forecasts, or even music streaming services help develop attractive business segments. But here, too, transparency and privacy protection play an essential role. User information is transmitted with the prior consent of the drivers, but the data exchange happens between the devices themselves, without human interaction.

Get out of the niche
For manufacturers of cars, entertainment electronics, household appliances, building technology, or even energy suppliers and telecom providers these two markets create excellent growth opportunities. They result in ever more solutions, IT services, and business models. Essential for the future of these market segments are energy-efficient, innovative, and cost-effective connected car or smart home solutions which can be easily networked. However, the basic prerequisite for both areas is always confidential handling of data.

Together with you, syracom  will analyze the requirements and expectations of your customers for intelligent home technology and connectivity services in cars, uncover barriers to use, and consider the highly sensitive topics of privacy protection and data security in the consulting process.

IPTV, Video on Demand

The merging of Internet and TV
Never have the changes in the media industry been as groundbreaking as today. The digitization of content and media carriers as well as structural changes in income sources have intensified competition and thus accelerated the consolidation of the industry.

Not only the convergence of fixed-line networks and mobile broadcasting (fixed-mobile-convergence and/or FMC) is extremely important to media companies, but especially the integrating strategies of telecommunications providers who are turning from data movers into content providers with their digital TV, IPTV, mobile TV (mTV), or even triple and/or quad-play strategies.

In terms of IPTV, internet, and identity management syracom offers comprehensive knowledge along the entire value-added chain, analyzing strategic questions, introducing requirement management, integrating third-party solutions, and helping to realize user data management systems.

Take advantage of syracom’s technical expertise and professional project management that has been acquired over a large number of projects.

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