Generating synergies

The health market is the market of the future. The cause is the growing health awareness of people, an aging society, and the increasing importance of prevention. New products and services are reviving the industry. Medical quality and ideally also patients profit from this competition. Especially electronic health care solutions are strong drivers of growth for this market.

While the health care system has already been digitized in many areas – physicians' practices and hospitals mostly work IT-based, numerous procedures in therapy and diagnostics are unthinkable without technological support. However, the digital pathways between physicians' practices, hospitals, insurance carriers, service providers, and patients are often not efficient enough. There is a tremendous amount of potential.


Health and new technologies in harmony

In order to be able to offer more health at lower cost as a company, new technologies and sustainable organizational structures are needed.

syracom together with Consileon, brings health care and technology together: we develop and realize competitive concepts for clinics, care services, lab services providers, insurers, pharmaceuticals companies, or even medical technicians and ensure that they are targeted towards the goals of the company: technological competence as key to sustained success.

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