Automating issuance processes


How digitisation multiplies your issue volume

The pace of digitisation is increasing and is also rapidly changing the behaviour of bank customers. This is also reflected in retail banking. Customer requirements continue to rise significantly. In addition to digital demands, the emerging generation also has new value conceptions that are changing the market. If it’s up to the customer, there should also be new variants of derivative securities available every day – ideally in real time and individually tailored to their needs. A flexible, intraday-capable product portfolio would be ideal.

"Large issuers already offer 180,000 or more derivative securities today. This is supplemented by up to 6,000 new issues daily. These products are an attractive asset class, especially in turbulent market phases," explains Florian Raczek, Leading Consultant at syracom. About two thirds of German investors secure themselves with certificates. What is new is that investors now also consider sustainable management and not just economic aspects when they make their selections. How can the issuers meet all of these wishes?

Certificate generator: Derivatives at your fingertips

The successful issuance of derivative securities is also a result of optimal digital workflows: Trade, sales, product development and management, listing, processing, external sales partners – all participants must coordinate with each other before the product reaches the market. With well-networked systems, this can be quick and cost-effective.

From the product features to the issuance to the maturity of the security – we help you to optimise and digitise your process. Manual activities are reduced to a minimum. This lets you place derivative securities on the market without losing any time or quality. With modern apps, investors can even configure their desired certificate themselves.

This includes legal compliance. For that reason, we of course take current regulatory requirements into account when digitising your issuance process. If the rules change, we also change the process: We can quickly integrate new requirements, such as ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance factors) at a later stage.

Checklist of digital issuance processes

Faster on the market. Faster to benefit: Your headstart with syracom

Broad portfolio, customised individually for our clients

A large number of new products can be placed on the market within minimal time and the volume of issuances can be increased significantly. The product portfolio can be tailored specifically to the customers’ needs.

Fast on the market with minimal processing time

Market-oriented issuing time: It takes less than ten minutes from configuring to trading a certificate. The issuance commitment to the customer is made within a few seconds.

Efficiency gains of 90%

Efficient controlling across all areas (production, sales and service) makes calculated prices comprehensible and enables flexible, timely reporting. Lower unit costs in the entire product lifecycle.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The mandatory legal documents (PRIIP, MiFID) are generated promptly. New regulatory requirements can be implemented more quickly.

Optimal workflows and quality

Digitised workflows simplify collaborations and are less prone to errors. Redundant work processes are avoided, upstream and downstream processes can be coordinated optimally: The complete issuance process can be tracked in real time.


Fully automated processes

With automated processes, manual activities are reduced and flexible processes are created without media breaks. The high degree of automation makes it possible to achieve positive economies of scale and the production quantities can be dynamically adjusted.

Service portfolio

Das syracom-Leistungsangebot reicht von der fachlichen Beratung über die Prozessoptimierung bis hin zur Entwicklung individueller Softwarelösungen. Wir beraten Sie gerne bei:

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