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Ensuring the Future

Be it banking, transportation and logistics, telecommunication, automotive, or retail – the digital transformation has long since become a reality and affects every industry. Analog companies develop a digital business strategy and the associated business structures step by step. Every one of us feels this transformation, be it as customer, consumer, employee, or entrepreneur.

In a world in which data has become a commodity, business organizations increasingly become agile, value chains and product life cycles get shorter and shorter, and the use of new technologies becomes a decisive competitive factor, it is all the more important to manage the transformation process professionally and proactively. We can support you securely, sustainably, and efficiently as transformation partner.


Achieving Digital Leadership

Companies must be able to react flexibly and quickly to new circumstances. They often have difficulty finding the right way to enter the digital transformation process. No clear and tangible goals for the digital age are defined, digitization measures are carried out reactively and selectively in the form of isolated projects without strategic integration into an overall digital context.

In order to successfully master the digital transformation process, a digital strategy derived from the corporate strategy must be developed. And to ensure that this strategy does not only exist on paper, appropriate steps must be taken to implement it - the transformation to digital leader begins.

It affects almost every area: business model, organization and processes, technology and data, innovation and competence, culture and mindset. The goal of the digital transformation is to be successful in the digital world in the long term and to do this with a stable and operational business model. Use our checklist to see where you stand with your company. to the check list

Digital Transformation: secure, sustainable, and efficient

The challenges are different in every industry. Digitization and digital transformation are core issues that syracom has been driving forward for over 20 years. As experienced consultants, we create digital solutions for complex professional and technological problems. Qualified consulting, goal-oriented support and customized solutions distinguish us.

We support customers in their digital transformation in the following areas:

  • Conception and implementation of new digital products and services
  • Increasing the availability and quality of digital customer services via various access channels
  • Improving the user-friendliness of applications to enhance the customer experience and increase customer loyalty
  • Efficiency increase through analysis. optimization, and automation of business processes
  • Optimization of sales management through modern and integrated data analysis solutions
  • Developing and installing agile organizational structures and teams
  • Design and implementation of modern collaboration platforms for optimizing the collaboration within the company
  • Increasing the networking of the IT landscape by improving the horizontal and vertical integration of the application landscape
  • Implementation of integrated and at the same time customized IT security solutions
  • Business processes
  • Smart Data
  • Solution Engineering
  • EAM
  • Collaboration
  • IT security
  • Application Integration

The digital transformation changes processes in the company. Existing processes must be adapted to be more flexible and fit to new communication and information technologies, web and mobile platforms created, and employees and business partners networked. Find out from us how businesses can optimize their business processes. We support you in the analysis, optimization, and automation of business processes. Read more

Data contain valuable information that is not necessarily apparent at first glance. With the right evaluation mechanisms, data relevant for a company can be found. Patterns and connections are recognized and important forecasts can be made. We advise you, for instance, on how to optimize your sales management with modern and integrated data analysis solutions. Read more

In times of constant change, many companies recognize the need to adapt their own corporate goals and values to the ever-increasing competitive dynamics. Software products and business processes also change faster and faster. In order to be able to act quickly and flexibly in this dynamic environment, we are happy to support you in developing and setting up agile organizational structures and teams. Read more

Agile transformation is not possible without first providing and integrating a suitable IT architecture. We support you in ensuring that your enterprise architecture is aligned with the needs of your organization - both in terms of business and technology. Your IT landscape will be better networked, your applications will be optimally integrated into the application landscape on a horizontal and vertical level. Read more

Atlassian solutions help you improve internal communication and organize work flows optimally. syracom adapts the proven Atlassian collaboration solutions individually to your company. Read more

Implementation of integrated and at the same time customized IT security solutions. Read more

Business processes must function smoothly in interaction with system components. Changes in the service or application landscape and the associated control and information flows can have far-reaching consequences. syracom supports you in linking applications or services with each other, migrating legacy systems, and integrating new systems so that a heterogeneous landscape can continue to function. Read more

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For us, digital transformation is not and end in itself but must generate measurable added values at different levels of the company.

Hendrik Kurz

Division Director - Digital Transformation Consulting - syracom


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